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guided Meditation- on the Pink Heart Star for self esteem

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

THIS WEEK- Meditation on Pink Flame Heart Star for self esteem

Wind Down Wednesday Tea and Meditation Event

We understand everyone winds down differently and at different paces, a lot of us can't run into a room after driving in rush hour to appreciate what is really happening within. Here at H.O.W.L. we understand that and created a remedy.

Our night begins at 7pm-8pm with our mingling tea hour. This additional hour gives you the opportunity to begin winding down from your day, before we get into our meditation. Run in from the day not worrying if you're late or on time. With this tea hour any time is the right time.

This also gives everyone the opportunity to meet like minded people, share experiences and make new friends, conversation. We socialize all the time but our human experience gains so much when we are in a space with other people with the same goal and same interest.

GO UNPLUGGED At this time feel free to use our in house metaphysical library and cozy up with a cup of tea. We encourage being unplugged for this time. (CELL PHONES DOWN) Being unplug allows you the freedom to really enjoy the time you worked so hard to dedicate for your self without distraction and maintain our space at its highest frequency

We have a crystal collection on display, placed around the space. Please touch them! we have a crystal encyclopedia learn about the stones surrounding the space and learn how they can assist your on your inner journey.

Practice mindfulness by using our one of a kind Zen garden unique to our space! You can ground yourself by placing your feet and hands into the earth. Charge your crystals in this space or change the lay out to assist you in your wind down. This is a very relaxing practice that many people have adapted.

Meditation 8-9 pm DOORS LOCK AT 8:10Pm sharp No exceptions

As to not disrupt our meditation we give a 10 minute grace period for those who may be running late. We lock door promptly at 8:10PM and it will not open again until the end of the meditation. If you are coming past 8:10 Pm please do not knock on the door. This would only disturb everyones meditation and they may not be able to regain the focus they need for the event and the door will not be re-opened

We change our meditation themes every month!

Anyone can meditate, if you have tried to meditate alone using youtube or other forms of media and its not working come try and meditate in a group. Our collective consciousness raises the vibration of the group and the frequency of the space. This would make it more successful for you to connect if you havent been able to on your own. Beginners and experienced welcome!

Our softly lit space is filled with beautiful aromatic incense. Cleared before and after each event. Seating options are soft chairs or floor pillows. Some find it easier to sit on the floor with a cushion but we are all not capable of sitting so low, so seating is available.

8pm we give the 10 min warning to please shut your phone off and last call for bathroom. Lights get dimmed and At 8:10 we ring a bell that indicates the commencement of the meditation. 25-30 min. is the typical duration of our meditation. We end the night with a light discussion of our experience and share our feelings or insights if you choose to share. sharing is not obligated.

"Become the writer of your own life. Self awareness is the game changer. Once the internal perception changes our external perception shifts. The key to happiness is within and we are here to help you forge it."- Dominique Rivera Reiki Master/instructor.

THE COST OF THIS MEETUP IS 10$ TEA IS INCLUDED- this helps maintain our space open to continue our humanitarian project. Payment must be paid prior to meditation. Our tea and books are donated by the community for the community.

We also have crystals for sale that can be purchased or ordered before or after our event WHY MEDITATE?
with regular practice of meditation

*Anxiety decreases*Emotional Stability Improves*Creativity Increases *Happiness Increases

*Intuition Develops *Gain Clarity And Peace Of Mind *Problems Become Smaller

*Meditation Sharpens The Mind By Gaining Focus & Expands Through Relaxation

ENERGETIC exchange, please give an energetic exchange to the space simply cleaning up your spot helps tremendously. We recycle. The blue bin is for recycling, not sure if it can be recycled? IF it contained a liquid it must be rinsed and then recycled...still not sure...ask Dominique, we can figure it out.

CUB MEMBERS this meetup is included in your membership

How to find us:Castor and Longshore directly on the corner

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