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GrizzFit Winter Training (Day 2)

Memphis Grizzlies Foundation
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 3:30PM

Day 2: Trauma-Informed Coaching Skills

When a coach understands the impact that trauma can have on a young persons body and brain, they become better equipped to deal with that players behavior. Instead of assuming that a player doesnt have the will to do what the coach wants them to do, they consider whether the young person has the skill to do it or if something about their experience with trauma is getting in the way.

The number one job of a trauma-sensitive coach is to create a safe space for their players. Traumasensitive coaches consider how their behavior and other actors in the sport environment contribute to or get in the way of the way of safety. In order to create a safe space where players can try new things and take risks, trauma-sensitive coaches are reliable and consistent, they build positive team culture, think critically about ways to connect with players and consider ways to manage the competition in the sport for their players.

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