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Greater Intimacy Through Dates That Are More Fun!

Greater Intimacy
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:30PM

I'm happy share that we have guest presenters for Wednesday's Greater Intimacy event. Their specialty is creating connections, attraction and intimacy in the dating world. I know you'll love their presentation, insights and wisdom they bring. Without further adieu, I bring you Kendra & Chris from Evolve Dating Guru's

Our Topic: Greater intimacy through dates that are more fun!

Are you sick of interview style dates? Do you often feel bored on a date? Is it often a lack of chemistry that makes you decide it wasnt a good match?

What if all your dates were dynamic, fun, and full of sparks? Well, this workshop is going to give you the tools to make that possible.

You can expect to learn about why and how laughter and playfulness works from a more heady/neuroscience perspective, but then youll also leave with an embodied experience of the magic from our guided interactions so you can carry it forward into your dates - and all connections, really!

Were so excited to be guest speakers! We love sharing the secrets that brought us together and keep us together in our soulmate partnership. See you there!

About Evolve Dating Gurus

Chris DeCicco and Kendra Seoane are the dynamic duo Soulmate Matchmakers inspiring conscious love that lasts. As Dating Coaches + Matchmakers we are wild about the power of love and bring a unique approach based on many years of personal practice, research, and teaching in the areas of mindfulness, neuroscience, conscious relating, law of attraction, expressive arts, play, intuition, shadow work, and more.

Our sacred, laughter-filled relationship truly is our superpower- after all we met at an ecstatic dance on a mountain top dancing under the stars.

So, it has become our mission to inspire others to genuinely enjoy the journey to love and create the lasting partnership of their dreams too!

For more info on our dating coaching, online courses and matchmaking, please visit us at: <a></a>

It is $20 to attend Greater Intimacy event.

I hope you have a great experience. Kendra, Chris & Jack

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