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Goal Crushing Meetup #2

The Create Your Life Series
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Come out and have some fun while creating, planning and being held accountable to your goals so that you can have your best year. #MoreLifeThis is afree interactive workshop facilitated byaward-winninginternational motivational speaker and author Kevin Y. Brown.

Goals Crushing Meetup:

This interactive meetup is designed for self- starters and go - getters who are looking to be around like-minded individuals who are killing their goals. We are a community of down to earth Goal Crushers. Participants will learntechniques toestablish a sustainable vision for their year and receive an action plan to stay consistent.The purpose of this meetup is to keep you accountable.

Learning outcomes include strategies to:

  • Identify benefits, obstacles/solutions, specific steps, and support in the goal-setting process. (Strategic Delegation)

  • Select appropriate goal(s) and complete each step of thegoal-settingprocess.

  • Identify obstacles and describe creative methods for overcoming or by-passing them.

  • Creating a step-by-step plan for implementing goals. (backwardplanning & time-lining)

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