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Ghost Hunt & Campout at Victorias Black Swan Inn - Sat Nov 30

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Nov 30 8:00PM - 12:00PM
Our Doubleheader Weekend kicks off as were back to the banks of the Salado Creek, and to the 150-year-old Victorias Black Swan Inn where guests have reported being attacked by unseen forces, heard disembodied voices, seen full-bodied apparitions, dark shadow figures and much more!

As well as many people died in the house over the years, its also the site of a battle between the Texan army and Mexican militia (Battle of Salado), where over 60 people lost their lives. And it's believed to be built on top of a Native American burial ground!


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This event is a little different to what we normally do (in a good way!), as its a campout event!!

Youll be sleeping under the stars on the grounds of this impressive home, surrounded by creepy woods! Not only that, but well also have a couple of psychics in attendance who will be performing card readings and mediumship on the investigation, to those who want them, FREE of charge! Food and drinks will be provided throughout the night as well!

The land in which the Black Swan Inn stands has a history dating back to 5,500 B.C. having been used by a Native American Tribe all the way up until 1000 A.D. as it was believed to be a sacred place due to the Salado Creeks seemingly mystical properties. Artefacts from this time period can still be unearthed, confirming the native Americans were in fact in the area during this time!

Centuries later it was the site of a battle known as the Battle of Salado. It was fought between the Texan army and Mexican Militia in 1842. The battle was another failed attempt at trying to reclaim the territory it had lost after the Battle of Jacinto since 1836.

35 years after the Battle of Salado, in 1887, the land was purchased by German immigrant Henrich Mahler for $2,220, who went on to found a dairy farm on that same land. Some years later his wife passed away, and Henrich followed suit shortly after from lovesick grief. Soon after, the land was purchased by the Holbrooks and Woods families. The wives were sisters and the whole family set up shop there.

It was kept in the family until 1973 when it was sold to George L Mehren and Ingeborg Mehren. The property was then sold on to E. Werner Schmidt in 1980, who then sold it to Sunbelt Self Storage, Inc. in 1987. Sunbelt then sold it to the current owner Jo Ann Rivera back in 1991, and she and her family have lived there ever since.

Both the owners and guests alike have seen apparitions all over the property, but there seems to be a stronger concentration of sightings in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Its there that the sighting of a young woman ghost has been seen several times, often sitting on the edge of the bed.

The spirit is believed to be that of Mrs Woods, as eyewitnesses have reported her striking resemblance to her. Mrs Woods died in one of the downstairs bedrooms, and its there where people often feel an overwhelmingly oppressive heaviness.

Other reports of the paranormal at the Black Swan Inn include sudden drops in temp, disembodied footsteps, knocks, and lights turning on and off. Perhaps the most unnerving of all, however, is the sighting of a man who has been sighted walking throughout the house in what seems to be a fit of rage! Rumour has it hes the ghost of Hall Park Street, who supposedly committed suicide in the house, though this is a slightly controversial subject.

After a psychic communicated with Park, he believed that Park didnt commit suicide at all, and was killed in a south wing closet, then moved to another location!

As well as Parks ghost, the house is reportedly haunted by his wife Joline, who tragically died of cancer at the young age of 38. She is seen dressed in a luxurious white gown with a beaded jewelled medallion in the form of a headband, with a feather at the back, she regularly roams the house, most often sighted around the gazebo.

As well as adult ghosts, there seem to be at least two child ghosts. They often play pranks, touching guests, and moving things throughout the property.

There are plenty more ghost stories surrounding the Black Swan Inn, just who or what youll come into contact with is hard to say, but what can be said of the property is, its extremely haunted!

Paranormal investigation 101
Full night of ghost hunting with the team
Use of our equipment which includes but isnt limited to, trigger objects and EMF Meters, dowsing rods, and ghost box
Free time to investigate for as long into the night as you want!
An investigation into the woods on the property
Campout (your own tents, sleeping bags etc.) PLEASE NOTE: There is only a limited amount of space, so please bring an adequately sized tent.
Psychic readings offered *Not included in price (cost at the discretion of the psychic)
FREE Cookout at the start of the night!
Snacks and drinks provided all night! (Not the cheap brands, nothing but big brand snacks and drinks on offer!)
Light breakfast on offer to guests in the morning.

Are you brave enough to investigate and stay over at this unique and very active haunted location? Book now to avoid disappointment!

18 and overs only! No alcohol is allowed and anybody under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be asked to leave and their booking fees lost.

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