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GET MEDITATED!: Practical Meditation for a Calmer YOU

Lisa Arce
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Nov 30 9:00AM - 9:30AM

THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON MEDITATION!!! It calms anxiety, which allows us to make better choices. It improves our breathing and blood flow. Lowers blood pressure, eases depression, increases gratitude and happiness. With meditation, you can manifest your desires and gain focus, clarity and calm. This is a fun, practical look at meditation. We will talk about it, dispel myths, laugh at the many things that go on when trying to meditate..Every week is different , but there will always be a few minutes of discussion before, in the middle and end of class. Ther will be new concepts learned, and meditation opportunities in increasing increments. .We will engage in guided and silent meditation, and sit for increasing increments. This class is only 1/2 hour. The class is in or outside, weather permitting. Groovy Lotus studio sits on a residential tree lined street with a park like backyard perfect for mediation in the morning.

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