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Get "Completely Well" with Daughters of Destiny International

Daughters of Destiny International
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May 20 6:00AM - 8:00PM

You are encouraged to join Daughters of Destiny International and its Founder/Chief Visionary Officer, Prophetess Dr. Kemba Jarena Lucas, in recognizing the roots of dis-ease in the videoconference course and inDwelling, "COMPLETELY WELL". This gather with convene on MAY 19-21, 2017 via the viritual International Headquarters and Training Center. Speakers such as Founder Lucas, Rev. Racheal Passewe, Dr. Robin Apparicio, to name a few, will equip you to follow God's Instructions right down to the very details; in order to manifest your visions and keep your promises even when it hurts (Psalm 15:5, NCV). Utilizing the words that Jesus shared with His disciples to impart to others, Acts 3 will equip each with the tools to be completely well in order to birth divine destiny byway of timing our own miracle and operating in the biblical principles of Honor, Order and Self-Care. Take a wellness day. Prioritize yourself. No expense. Nothing more than you and your computer with Internet access is needed. Stop doing life as usual before your dis-ease creates disease! Join us in heeding the messages and warnings provided through the body which was created by God to heal itself! Because loving you is loving the Lord, join us for this life-changing encounter with the Healer in you -- Christ Jesus.

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