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Genes & Alzheimer's: Know Your Family Risk

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Feb 10 10:00AM - 1:00PM



Minorities are at higher risk for developing the disease than the general population.Learnabouttheclinical researchtaking place in Greensborothatmaylead toAlzheimer'sprevention.

Ifyou or your loved ones are59-75andhaveNOTbeendiagnosedwithmemoryimpairment,joinusforaninformationeventwhereyoucanfindoutifyou'reeligibletoparticipateinaclinicalresearchstudyinvestigating the link betweenheredityandAlzheimer's.

Cheek swab saliva screening will be available on site to determine eligibility for study participation. No cost andnoobligation at any point. Refreshments will be served.

Time is of the essence. Come out a learn more about the disease and the prevention research taking place.

Pease call iParticipate at (860) 556-3866 to reserve your slot. We're very friendly and are looking forward to meeting you!

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