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Free | Let's make Chinese Pancakes! #BackToBasics

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Endorsed by Curators:
Jan 20 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Every weekend.

Sign uphereon Facebookor in the WeChat groupby leaving amessagesaying when and where you'll be available for what role. Sorry for not having anapp yet to make this signup process easier. But hey thanks for your attention!

You know you want to
You even tried once or twice
You still wonder how other people do it

Yes we are talking about the thing you know
The love story featuring flour, water, salt and oil

Anyone cares to elaborate on the making-of?



We will meet at the hosts place
Learn to make pancakes with the creator
And have a delicious time with all the other guests



Everyone is a volunteer, here to host, teach or learn.
All guests pay only for ingredients. It's free if you BYO ingredients.

1 host
(who says hi to you when you arrive)

1 creator
(who teaches you to cook in a creative way)

N guests
(Number depends on the host)

Please choose your role when signing up.
You can be the host and creator at the same time.

In every event, everyone plays a part.Cook, sing, dance, talk, etc. Your choice.



We will meet up after all roles have signed up.
Events will be canceled automatically when no hosts / creators / guests sign up.


To create / organize / attend more events

Add @LiveADeliciousLife, to join Foodie WeChat group
Go to Foodie on Facebook @LiveADeliciousLife.globe


How to create events as hosts?

Decide the food / social themes for your event, set the price, post the event info in the group and wait for guests to sign up.

For example, 30 RMB brunch, 50 RMB coffee and yoga, 70 RMB startup dinner, and 90 RMB cocktail experiment.

More themes here for reference

How to sign up as guests?

Send N RMB (price set by the host) to Foodie to reserve your spot. Nonrefundable and transferable.

90% of N RMB goes to hosts for offering ingredients & venues, and saying hi to guests

10% of N RMB goes to Foodie for creating fun and delicious events with hosts


Have a delicious time at a surprisingly low price


To have a new place you call home wherever you go
Invite yourself to delicious events in the neighborhoods around the globe

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