Agenda Discovery Week Month

Curated for Me

Free DIY Learning Sessions for installing your own audio/video system.

Steven Lester of Lavish Hi-Fi
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 30 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Lavish Learning presents:

Weekend Warriors Saturday Sessions

Starting September 21st 2019

Every Saturday from 10AM until Noon at our showroom in Santa Rosa

DIYers can learn the basics of: TV-Sound, Home-Theater, Surround-Sound,

Whole House Music, including out-door.

Lavish brings you the right information straight from industry experts.

Come with your questions and well help you onto the right path:

What kinds of speakers do I need and where should they go?

When to use installed speakers vs in-room speakers. How many speakers? Where should they go?

How do I install speakers in ceilings and walls? How do I hook them up?

My surround system is hooked up, what next?

I want to build my own home theater: Projectors and screens and formats: So many questions.

How do I get movies or sound from X to Y?

What about wireless?

What kind of wire do I need? Do cables make a difference?

How can I make this easy to use?

Can I use my old components?

Who do I call if I run into trouble?

Can I have my electrician come to one of your classes? (Yes)

No matter who is doing the work, we want your end result to be the best is can be.

Lavish also offers monthly free sessions for streaming, system tuning and other kinds of playback along with one on one sessions when time permits.

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