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Famous Puzzler Rallye

Wheels Rallye Team on behalf of UPS for DownS
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Sep 15 6:30PM - 11:00PM

Famous Puzzler Rallye

In a puzzle rallye, teams are presented with a group of puzzles, each with an answer leading to a number. Then, you find the corresponding number on the map given to you at the start of the rallye and drive to that location. At that point, the second part of the Puzzler begins as you search for the special clue word that has been hidden at that location, utilizing clues provided at the start of the event. From there, you go to the next puzzle and the puzzle after that, until you have solved all of the puzzles - or run out of time. It is great fun and requires no previous road rallye experience.

Saturday night, September 15, 2018
Woodfield Mall, Near Firestone/Bank of America

Registration begins at 6 pm

Beginners School at 6:45 pm

Cars leave at approximately 7:15 pm

Meet at End Point by 10 pm

Rallye Costs are tax deductible at $25 per vehicle if pre-registered before September 12th.

On-site registration the night of the event is $30 per vehicle.

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