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Family & Systemic Constellations Workshop - ALL DAY

Systemic Family Constellations in Chicago
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 9:00AM - 4:30PM

This 6 hour Family & Systemic Constellations workshop will allow to get deeper into this amazing phenomenological process to explore how hidden forces in our family systems, sometimes over multiple generations, can influence our thoughts, behaviors and emotional experiences. Tapping into a knowing field that surrounds each family allows the client and volunteer representatives to explore this living phenomenon. The client gains a unique perspective to make new choices or follow unforeseen pathways. Family & Systemic Constellations occur with compassion, love and a movement towards balance.

We will look at the constellation process not only for ourselves and family but the amazing gift of being a representative for someone else. This service to others enhances our capacity to see the world differently and increases are ability to do our own constellation work.

Participants may experience one or more constellation formats including guided visualizations, individual constellation or a classic family constellation. What happens will depend on what want to emerge when we gather.

Find out more about Constellations with information and videos, links to books and resources and discover more about the founder of this work, Bert Hellinger, at my website: Healing Body Therapeutics (

"Family constellations could be described as living family trees. These constellations reveal inner images and behaviors that exist below our consciousness, and whose hidden dynamics motivate us throughout our lives. Success or failure in our relationships and work, the advent of illness or depression, and even our sense of belonging in the world, often depends upon these hidden forces."

--Scott Bader, DC

How to find us:There is a CTA RedLine stop at Wabash and Washington. Discounted parking for this workshop is available at 20 East Randolph (across from Macys). 4 hours for $11.00 or 24 hours for $14.00. Bring parking ticket and pay at the workshop for sticker.

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