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Family Fun {With Math} Night

Dr. Raj Shah
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 8:30PM

Have You Wondered

  • Why math is taught differently than when you learned it?
  • How you can help your child even when you don't know the math?
  • What to do when your child says "that's not how we learned it at school?
  • If you will confuse your child when you show them the old way?
  • How to get your child to ENJOY math instead of dreading it?

Come to Family Fun {With Math} Night and get all you questions answered!

Dr. Raj Shah will engage parents and kids in fun math while explaining why math is taught differently now.

This is a unique opportunity to learn and have fun.

You will leave with a new perspective, ideas to make math fun, and games and puzzles you can play at home anytime!

The first hour will feature interactive, hands-on math puzzles and games for kids and adults at ANY level.

The final 30 minutes is Q&A so you can get YOUR specific questions answered.

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