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Fairy Tale Christmas at Tuacahn Theatre

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Dec 02 8:00AM - 4:00PM

Almost time to go. Mary and Sandy,
Please text me at[masked], so we can make arrangements to leave Saturday morning. See you soon!!


Hi All,

Don't wait!! Things are booking up quickly there!! Purchase your ticket and room if you plan to go.

In the comments, please post the following:

When you have purchased a ticket, and the ticket number. Janis, Arann and I have tickets.

Please post if you need a roommate, have a roommate. Once you get one, post that you have booked a room. Janis, Arann and I have a room. Mary and Sandy, You may want to room together and book a room and purchase your tickets. Please contact each other if you do.

Please post if you would like to try to go to the Cliffside Restaurant for an early dinner. Majority will likely rule on this one, unless we are unable to get a reservation.

If you want to drive or ride. With the first 5 of us, we can all fit in my car.

If more sign up, we will need another driver.

I'm planning a trip to St George, leaving Saturday, 12/2, seeing Fairy Tale Christmas at Tuacahn theatre Sat evening at 7:30pm, staying overnight at St George, then leaving the next morning.

Time there is one hour ahead of us and drive time is a couple of hours.

So, I would like to leave at 8am on Saturday morning. Times may change as we get closer, but those are my thoughts currently.

If you want to go, purchase your tickets at You can use Promo Code: FTC15 for a 15% discount on the ticket. I purchased seats B12 and B13 for $36 each. So, there are additional seats available in row B, if you want to go ahead and book your ticket now.

I have booked a room at Best Western Coral Hills through Expedia. This is a popular time of year, so if you are serious about the trip, book your room and purchase your ticket to the Play now.

I booked a hotel room through Expedia, last one at this rate; however, you might try the hotel directly. There were single beds left as well as some higher priced ones.

Link below to Expedia where I booked.

Link below to purchase your ticket.

There is also a Christmas in the Canyon, Saturday Market in the Canyon (both free and at Tuacahn and The Dickens Festival ($7) which I would like to go to as well as Christmas lighting in the square and Temples, I believe.

Current Planned Events

The Saturday Market is 9am-1pm at Tuachan. We may bypass this depending on when we get there.

The Dickens Festival is 10am-9pm in St George.

Possible early dinner at 3:30pm at the Cliffside Restaurant, higher cost, but the view looks wonderful. Majority vote and timing and availability considerations.

Christmas in the Canyon is at 6pm at Tuacahn, but I believe that is just a viewing, so we can probably just go a bit early to the play and see it, I think.

The play is at 7:30pm at Tuacahn.

Upcoming Events

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Monthly Conference Call

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CERT Training

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