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Empower Thyself Program & Initiation into the Mysteries

Radiant Self
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 16 11:00AM - 7:00PM

Empower Thyself Class & Initiation: Accelerate Your Life!

The ancient spiritual teachings given for this class and initiation create a pattern of living that will empower you to master yourself and create incredible change in your own life and the world, paving the road for your life purpose.

Benefits of this class include:

Unlock immense positivity and joy in your life
'Open the flow' forcreativity and abundance
Empowerment of 10 times the energy to focus towards your goals and desires
Begin to open and utilize your psychic gifts and intuition
Gain proven tools that initiates have used for millennia to unlock their divine potential.
Discover unseen energies of humans, the universe
Learn how to wield and direct them to your desires
Connect through an ancient form of meditation.
Learn how to reprogram your negativity into positivity
Discover the inner workings of your consciousness
Have access to many of the other programs and classes offered by the Modern Mystery School.
Much much more

In an unbroken lineage, this class and tools of empowerment have been effectively used to transform people's lives for over 8000 years. There have been many impactful and prolific people through history who have received these exact teachings and initiation. This class will yield exceptional results in anyone's life.

The class is taught in an immersive 2 days, starting at 11am and going until approximately 7pm.

$895 if registered + deposited before Nov 16
$995 after
with a $300 deposit to reserve your place in the class.

Prerequisite of a Life Activation by a certified Life Activation Practitioner.

Contact Alexander for more information

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