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Embracing the Unknown; Despacho Ceremony

Northern California Pachakuti Mesa Carriers
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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 4:00PM - 6:00PM

This event has undergone many transformations, as I have been going through lots of transformations since returning from Peru. I thank everyone for their patience.
What is coming through for me is this: I feel deeply called to lead a collaborative Despacho to honor grief, release that which is not aligned with our spirit, and embrace the essence of the unknown and possibility. This will be held right before a New Moon, a beautiful time to plant seeds of intention.

April 14th we will gather before sunset to perform limpias, share a brief council process and set intentions. Then we will collect natural items in the beautiful hills of Ocean Song, overlooking the ocean, and build a collaborative Despacho.

For those that aren't familiar, Despachos are ancient ceremonies performed in the Pachakuti Mesa as well as other Peruvian traditions. They are used to communicate with unseen beings, offer gratitude, connect to our deepest intentions, and release what is not serving so that it may recycled back into the earth.

Traditionally, Despachos are made on paper and then released by burning, burrying or placing in running water. Ours will be made directly on the ground and will be slowly "released" as it is scattered by the wind or taken by rain.

Working together, we wont know how it will turn out. It requires presence, awareness and a deep connection to our intentions. By releasing our expectations, we can create something truly beautiful.

All are welcome to come create and enjoy the beauty of nature and community. A donation is requested for Ayni (sacred reciprocity).

Please email [masked] to RSVP.

How to find us:When you reach the top of Coleman Valley Road, turn left at the sign for Ocean Song. You will parking area, keep going until you see buildings and a garden path. We will meet in the garden.

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