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Edcamp Vegas 2017

Sara Boucher
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Dec 02 8:00AM - 1:00PM

Join us for Edcamp Vegas! This is a great opportunity and event to hang out in the beautiful city of Las Vegas and discuss education.

What is an Edcamp?

Edcamps are a great place to listen, share, collaborate, and join the discussion on education. Edcamps are unlike any other conference you have been to, often referred to as an unconference. We don't have a keynote speaker, attendance is free, and the day is planned by you and other attendees to personalize your day around what you really want to talk about. Edcamps are a great place for anyone who wants to take part in helping education.

Who can attend Edcamp Vegas?

Everyone! We invite all educators, principals, school district members, educational leaders, students, community members, and parents. Anyone who is interested in spending the day talking about improving education is welcome to join. If you are interested in attending, be sure to invite others who would love to talk about education in their community.

Basic Rules of Edcamp

1. Listen to others great ideas and dont dominate the discussion.

2. Participate and contribute your own great ideas.

3. Use your feet and decide where you want to go. Not enjoying the discussion? It is totally fine to get up and check out another one

4. Have a good time! Share photos, quotes, and great idea online and with others when you get back home!

Also, be sure to follow Edcamp Vegas on Twitter and use the hashtag #EdcampVegas

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