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Easier Edibles Cooking Class

MedMar Lakeview
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM
Interested in perfecting your own edibles? The Easier Edibles class with Frank Sokol is back by popular demand, and discusses everything you need to feel confident about making your own infused oils and butters, including:

-product and strain selection
-methods for decarboxylation
-eliminating odors
-methods for infusing cannabis oils and butters

This is an interactive class and any and all questions are welcome. Easier Edibles is committed to helping you create unique products that are tailored to your exact needs and lifestyle.

Frank Sokol is a lifelong advocate of the benefits of cannabis. He has had the opportunity to evaluate and test many techniques, products, and devices while making edible cannabis products, making refinements to the process along the way. He works with patients in the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program to get the proper dosing and strains for their needs as well as teaching people how to make better edibles.

Frank wants to share his knowledge and techniques with patients to help them demystify the process of using cannabis products plus oils, butters and other ingredients that when properly combined can be used in a wide variety of ways. Thus stretching your cannabis budget and providing you with longer lasting effects than other techniques such as vaping.

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