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Don Quixote - the last part

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Nov 15 7:00PM - 8:00PM

If, at some point this year, you thought you'd like to read Don Quixote in good company, there's still time (28 days!) before we wrap up reading and discussing this book. If you've read it before, you know about all the quirks, inserted stories, sly friends, hucksters, outlandish tales, proverbs, honor, distress and humor it contains. If you haven't, you have a treat in store. This comes from someone who thought it was going to be a dry, "morally uplifting", travelogue kind of story, with a mental case as the main character. Well, the dry, morally uplifting, travelogue part is not at all true, and the mental case part is only true in certain respects. What really surprised me is how funny it is.

Please join us as we finish reading and discussing this masterpiece.

Some of us have been using the Edith Grossman translation, but any version would be fine as a basis for our discussion. As noted in the review listed in the King County Library's opinion section on the book, Ms. Grossman has included some useful information in her footnotes.

"The genius of Cervantes is evident more than four centuries after he first wrote his words. The book was actually written in two parts about ten years apart; the second part of the novel was drafted when a "fake" Quixote was published by a rival, and there are frequent references to this alleged author and the false version of the story as well, "setting the record straight" as it were in the second part." - rpavlicic

I'm looking forward to this last part and finding out what finally happens to the Knight of the Lions (yes, there's a story behind that name).

Please remember to update you're attendance status if you've said you'll be present and then find out you cannot make it after all, for whatever reason. Thanks

How to find us:November is "write your own novel" month, and Elliot Bay's Cafe is typically crowded. Look for us first upstairs at the big table. If we're not there, look for us somewhere in the cafe, or at the table in the main bookstore.

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