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Dominion of the North: Literary & Print Culture in Canada

E.J. Pratt Library
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Dec 02 8:45AM - 11:45PM

Dominion of the North: Literary & Print Culture in Canadais a celebration of prominent poets, authors and historians. It comprises one hundred monographs, organized topically into eight collections. The titles are selected from the Canadiana collection of rare books, pamphlets and periodicals. The exhibition is curated by Agatha Barc, Reader Services and Instruction Librarian.

Vic professors, librarians, students and alumni have flourish in the intellectual and creative atmosphere of the college, mentored by such distinguished personalities as Professor Pelham Edgar (1871-1948). E. J. Pratt, Donald G. Creighton, Northrop Frye, Margaret Atwood and many other individuals made significant and influential contributions to Canadian cultural heritage.

In 1898, Charles Canniff James (1863-1916), an alumnus of Victoria College, book collector, academic, distinguished civil servant, and an authority on Canadian history and literature, presented in a collection of approximately 400 volumes and pamphlets of Canadian literature to Victoria University Library.

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