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DIY Winter Planters!

The Flower Studio
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Nov 30 7:00PM - 9:00PM

Welcome to DIY Planter Workshop details!!!

Choose your date (classes are held every night - day times are available upon request) for yourself or a group of friends in that time frame. Evening classes typically begin around 7pm start times can be flexible. Book soon dates fill up quickly. Minimum class size is 5 people and maximum is 12. Feel free to book a girls night for you and your friends! Or join one of the other classes!

What to wear:YUCKY clothes!! The materials we will beworking with are VERY sappy andcan ruin clothing so do not wear anything you don't want ruined.

What to bring:

-Your container or an insert filled with dirt and plants removed. Soil can be purchased if needed.

-Garden Gloves

-Garden sheers

- Your wine- very important creative tool :)

Cost: $90 per person ($30 class/instruction fee and $60 materials) How it will work:

The way the cost works is each of you will begin with a credit of $60 towards material which is covered by your $90 fee. All the materials will be laid out in bunches with prices so you can shop for the exact materials you want for your planter! Once you have spent your credit, each additional item will come at an additional cost. So if you would like to purchase enough material for more than one planter you can do so at an additional cost - all prices will be clearly marked. I will have more than enough materialfor those needing extra. Most guests find they can fill on medium to large size planter within the $90 or two small planters including accent decor as well.

- If you have more than one container ora large container requiring more material itmay costmore than the initial cost. Some of you maybe interested in creating an indoor arrangement; you are welcome to do that as well, feel free to bring a container from home or purchase one.Our workshops are set up so that each of you will have the ability to create exactlywhat you wantand spend your money only on the materials you want.

If you have any questionsdon't hesitate to ask!! Looking forward to creating with you!!


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