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Discover YOU - A REvolve YOU Parent REvolution Program (PREP) Workshop

REvolve YOU
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Feb 10 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Are you a full-time mom who is feeling called to make a change, but have no idea how or what? When driving your kids to activities, do you dream of opening an art studio, returning to your leadership role or starting a business? Or, have you lost sight of all of your dreams?Are you struggling to make progress in your career relaunch or for that matter, in making ANY change in your life and it's starting to frustrate you?

Let REvolve YOU help.

TheDiscover YOU Workshop is designed for ALL full-time moms who feel lost, stuck, unseen or rudderless. Whether you are ready to relaunch or not, this is a great first step.

Let's Discover WHO you are today.

After many years in the role of primary care-taker, it is easy to lose sight of ourselves. The first step to reinvention is understanding who you are today - someone who is very different than who you once were. This workshop focuses on helping you understand your values, your motivators and the intrinsic value that you bring into any organization or situation. It also helps you understand how you are holding yourself back, so you can clear away obstacles that are preventing you from making progress.

What is this workshop?

This is the first phase of REvolve YOU's Parent REvolution Program (PREP) - the incredible 12 week program that helps moms shift the way they think about who they are, the role they play and the world around them so they begin to look at the world as filled with hope and possibility rather than fear and closed doors.

For reviews on this program, check out or REvolve YOU's You Tube Channel.

This is a highly interactive, engaging and inspiring experience that will shift how you see yourself, your role and the world. There are no computers in this room, only a group of incredibly talented individuals with a wealth of strengths and experiences to pull from, and an inspiring guide to lead them on a transformative journey.100% of past participants have said the workshop forced them to see things they hadn't ever seen before, think in a different way and believe in themselves again. Through thought provoking dialogue and immersive experiences, you will pause, reflect and be amazed at your ability to think and grow - both critical components to successful reinvention.

What is the Parent REvolution Program (PREP)?

Past participants describe PREP to be a cross between therapy, coaching and graduate school. The ideas and methodologies you will be introduced to are the very same that top business leaders across the country are learning about in order to become more effective leaders. Why teach you this? Because the goal of PREP isn't about reluanching, it's about re-engaging with YOU - the person you left behind when you had kids - and re-engaging with the WORLD - in all it's awe-inspiring ever changing glory. (This is an amazing time to be alive and the world needs you!)

The goal of PREP is to help you create a life in which you feel like you can apply your skills, talents and strengths at an appropriate level of responsibility that provides the sense of fulfillment you have been seeking. In today's world, your goal shouldnt be to try to catch up on all you missed before you can do something you love. That would be like trying to learn all the technology needed to create a cellphone, just so you could use the cellphone to make your life better. Your goal should be to understand your intrinsic value today and figure out how to leap to a place where you can feel alive, engaged and valuable tomorrow.

NOTE: This workshop will give you a great taste for what the PREP experience is like. If you are just getting started thinking about what is next, this is a great place to start. If and when you are ready to get back to a career, you can continue on the REvolution Journey with PREP Online, weekly coaching and additional workshops.

For more information, please visit to learn more about the complete PREP program - 12 weeks of guidance, learning and support to help you discover who you are today, explore what is next for your life, and create a plan of action to get you there.

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