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RESCHEDULED: Dicks Creek to Desoto Falls - The hard way - 13+ miles BUSHWHACK

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Mar 25 7:30AM - 5:00PM

This is one of my favorite bushwhack hikes. It's got a little bit of everything. Waterfalls, exploring old roads and trails, off trail navigation, some serious climbing and one of the more breathtaking views you'll earn. This hike is not for the faint of heart.

The distance is between 13 & 14 miles (or 12 Lars Metric Miles) and will entail about 3600 feet of climbing. Here's a map of the route from the last time we did it.

We'll start at the Chestatee WMA parking area at Dick's Creek Falls. We'll hike along Dicks Creek, travel up Crow Mtn Creek and through Blood Mountain Cove along unmarked trails. At this point, we go off-trail and head towards Rocky Mountain. This will be a climb of about 1000ft. From here it's down the other side to Desoto Upper Falls. This should be a nice lunch stop. The next mile will be easy as we follow the Desoto trail down to the lower falls. From here we go off-trail again and head up to an old old road to Meadow Gap and will then continue on up over Miller Top mountain. This will be our last major climb and we'll navigate down the big reentrant until we reach the old forest road that will take us back to the parking lot.

Modifications to the description may follow. If you enjoy exploring, - come along. Toss in your expertise, or just bring a sense of adventure for what will definitely be another fun hike. At a minimum, we may play with some variations around Blood Mountain Cove.

Plan on departing Lowe's in Cumming off Exit 14 by 7 AM.

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