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DCA Committee Forum

Deanwood Citizens Association
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Calling All Deanwood Residents,DCA needs YOU!If you are committed to making lasting change in our neighborhood join us andLead or Contribute to a DCA Committee to bring about positive progress in our community!

PURPOSE: Committees areWhere theWorkof Civic Engagement Happens. TheCommittee Forum workshop is designed to jumpstart DCA Committee activity by providing neighbors with the information, guidance, and support on how to effectively run an impactful committee to acheive DCA goals for 2018.

DCA Committees Include - Economic Development, Education, Public Safety, Transportation, Membership and Outreach, and Exploratory Committee for Historic Preservation

APPROACH: This forum is designed to be a working session for Committees. In the forum we will:

  • Briefly discuss each of the committees and their respective purpose, as well as review the parts of the DCA 2018 Strategy that each committee is responsible for executing.
  • Provide the administrative expectations and guidance for committees regarding hosting committee meetings, recording minutes, requesting funds, interacting with the Executive Board, and providing committee reports to the General Body
  • The group will split up into committee breakout groups. The goal is, for each committee to
  1. Identify a chair and a member roster
  2. Establish a meeting schedule
  3. Identify planned goals for the year
  4. Identify required resources to achieve goals

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