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Day Hike at Knobstone Trail - Jackson Road Trailhead to Deam Lake

Central Indiana Wilderness Club - CIWC
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Sep 16 9:00AM - 10:00AM

12Sept17 update:

Some changes to location and time:

Anne and Gina on short hike will meet me at the new location at 9 AM. I encourage you both to carpool from Indy if possible.

Hikers on the long version will meet me at the new location at 9:30 AM. Please plan to carpool with others if possible.

New location is Pilot gas station/Arby's parking lot:
14013 Memphis-Blue Lick Rd, Memphis, IN 47143

Sorry for the confusion.

10Sept17 update:

I heard from couple of people that they did not receive my email sent out late last night. I am posting the email content here. Please read and respond. Thanks!

Email content:

You are receiving this message as you have RSVPed for the Day hike at KT with CIWC. I just posted the map and elevation profile. If this will be your first hike at KT, I highly recommend you to read the event description carefully. KT is difficult trail with severe elevation changes and most of the times without switchbacks.

My plan is to hike the trail out and back which will be approximately 12 miles. You can either join me for the entire out and back hike or only hike the trail one way. If you are hiking one way only, then car shuttle is required. For this reason, I require everyone to let me know your hike mileage by replying to this email or answer in the meetup RSVP question or simply message me in the meetup. If I don't hear back from you before end of the day Wednesday, I will assume that you are not going for the hike and will change your RSVP to "NO."

Assume no potable water source on the trail so bring all the water you need for the hike. Bring snack/lunch as we will take a quick break around noon.

We will hike rain or shine. Dress for weather. Update your RSVP if your schedule changes.

See you on Saturday!

- Vignesh.

End of email content

------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

9Sept17 update:

Map and Elevation profile . Sorry for the delay.

I have asked a question in the meetup RSVP about the mileage and sent an email too. You can either answer in the RSVP or reply to email or message me in the meetup. If I don't hear back from you by end of day Wednesday13Sept17, I will assume you are not going to join the hike and will change your RSVP to "No."

------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------------

Original Description:

Important Note: For planning purposes and as a courtesy to the leaders of the event, if you sign up and are unable to join the hike for any reason, we require that you update your RSVP status before the hike.

No guest allowed.

We will hike from Jackson Road Trailhead to Deam Lake and back. I have not hiked this section of the trail!My goal for this year is to complete all of Knobstone trail as day hikes. After this hike, I only have 1 more day hike at KT to complete this goal.

This would be a good practice hike for any of your challenging backpacking trips.

Length: 13 miles approximately. There is an option for short hike(6.5 mile point to point version) if you are interested. But I need head count confirmation to plan. Please comment or let me know if you are interested in the short hike.You need to maintain moderate to fast pace(2.5 mph and above).

Difficulty level: Definitely a difficult and strenuous hike because of length and fast pace. Not beginner friendly.

Will post Map and Profile in a week.

Location: We will meet at <a>Shell gas station, Henryville</a> and drive to trailhead from there.

Carpool: You can meet me at <a>Walmart, Columbus</a> if you driving from North and interested in carpool.

No water sources that I am aware of so bring all the water you need and bring your lunch/snack.

Dress for weather.

Standard CIWC rules apply. No pets. You need to sign a waiver before the hike. Take precautions against tick by using Permethrin, DEET/Picaridin.

See you all on the day of hike.

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