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Dave Boswell, ADHD Coach: Making ADHD Strategies Work

ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton
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Nov 15 7:00PM - 9:00PM

ADHD Coach Dave Boswell will join our monthly adult and partner support group meeting to talk Making ADHD strategies work.

The presentation with hands-on exercisesintroducesa comprehensive approach to effectively managing ADHD traits and applying existingstrategies consistently.

The best strategy or toolis useless if you don't use it.

Learn how to find the best strategy for you and use it regularly and consistently.

Determine when your methods are working or not

Understand why we don't stick with good habits and how to get back on track.

Learnthe difference between"To Do Lists" and "Should Do Lists" and how the 'should'tasks can sabotage our best intentions.

ADHD affects individuals differently so every person with ADHD needs to have a personal approach.

After the presentation, there will be bothgroup and individual exercises to personalize your ADHD strategies.

About David Boswell
David Boswell is a former military helicopter pilot, hang gliding instructor and Aerospace Engineer who sees ADHD as his superpower.He holds a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering and is a graduate of the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA); David helps others use their ADHD traits in productive ways through educational talks and skill-building workshops.

All meetings at 7 PM Classroom A,University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 112 Street NW, Edmonton.U of A Directions

Where exactly is this classroom?

This space can be tricky to find but dont give up! As you enter the Universtiy of Alberta hospital at street level from the 112 street (East) entrance, look to the left for a set of double doors and an escalator/staircase. If you enter from the 114th Street (West) entrance, walk through the hospital all the way towards the 112 Street entrance and look to your right for the double doors and escalator/stairs.

Take theescalator/stairs to the second floor. Turn to your left and make a U-turn, proceeding along the hall (following the crosswalk style lines on the floor), across a small walkway that looks over the entrance below; thisbringsyou into the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry space. Classroom A is on your left.

Signage with the ADHD Association of Greater Edmonton logo will be placed to help you find your way.

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