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D7-Niblock & Whyte- Not Just A Law Firm Anymore -Difficult Scramble

Calgary Outdoor Recreation Association
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Aug 12 7:00AM - 8:00AM

Rock/Climbing helmets are absolutely mandatory and will be donned on this trip. Get some cheap gloves that are designed to give you tactile feedback. The dollar store is your friend.

The RSVP questions are an interactive exercise.

Although before you even contemplate embarking on this dangerous and challenging adventure, you may want to schedule an appointment with your attorney and update your will so your family is well taken care of. And if you don't have an attorney? Good news! I recently graduated from the very prestigious University of Phoenix with an Estate Executor Certificate. Dean's List yo! I will gladly undertake the burden of tending to your assets, especially monies. As a solid and straight A+ graduate from the aforementioned highly esteemed institute, I abide by the most stringent of ethical standards(It's true!).

Where was I?? Oh right, Niblock and Whyte. This trip will have us start from the tremendously posh "Le Chateau" and venture past Lake Agnes before the real fun begins. The appetizer will be Mount Niblock, a hearty scramble that would be a stomach pleaser for most. But on this day, the main course will be Mount Whyte. This extremely spicy objective will have our heart racing by the time we get to the top. Dessert anyone? While most scramblers would go back to the col and retrace their steps, satisfied and satiated, we'll find a sweet, savory and sketch route that will have us intersecting with the Plains of Six Glaciers Trail. This five star dining experience will leave us exhilarated and exhausted, and hopefully alive. Unfortunately, even though we will be passing two delightful tea houses, there will be no cheerful banter over a spot of Earl Grey on this day.

Other than that, I'm hoping that at least three mountain lovers will not resist the call of the wild. With a pool of approximately 8300 Team CORA members, that's one attendee for every 2760 members. I took a minor in Pure Mathematics while I was doing my "thaang" at the U of P(It's true!). The only prerequisites you need for this ride is skills, a need for thrills, proper risk assessment and the appropriate scrambling experience.

Reaching close to 3000 metres, the summits of Mount Niblock(2976m) and Mount Whyte(2983m) offer a vast array of scrambling experiences. Awe inspiring views of Mount Lefroy and Mount Victoria will be just some of the panoramic highlights. Nearby, Mount St. Piran, Devils Thumb and the Beehive rise above Lake Agnes and Lake Louise for a picture perfect postcard.

Photos Courtesy: Steven Song

Distance: 18.0 kilometres

Accumulated elevation gain: 1900 metres

Trailhead: Chateau Lake Louise

Number of Participants:4 or more people can form simple or complex polygons

Round Trip Estimated Time:Eternity minus 1 hour

Gas Costs: $20-$25 depending on the amount of passengers.

Guests and dogs are on the no go list.

Mandatory Gear:HELMET, cheap gloves, First Aid Kit, food and WATER, hiking boots, gloves, toque,wind/water resistant jacket and additional warm layers.

Suggested Gear: HIKING POLES, sunscreen, bug spray, shell pants, gaiters,headlamp, camera, extra set of shoes and bag for dirty boots.

Trip etiquette:CORA trips start at the trailhead. Be nice to plants and animals. Provide some gas $$ to your driver by the end of the trip.Oh, and by joining this trip, you are bound toCORA Rules of Conduct.You'll also be expected to read and sign a trip waiver at the parking lot or the trailhead.

How to find us:Red Mazda 3 Hatchback

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