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Cyber Security Boot Camp - Law Firm Support Staff

Beits Livneh/ Legal Technology Solutions
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Cyber Security Bootcamp is an interactive course that teaches a law firm's support staff about protecting client information.

We know client information is important and deserves to be protected. E.R. 1.1 and 1.6 were expanded to require attorneys to have competence in technology and keep confidential information confidential, even if it's stored digitally.E.R. 5.3 requires support staff to also follow all Ethics Rulings.
So we created this course to answer a simple question... How do you protect your client's confidential information? This course answers this question for paralegals, legal secretaries, receptionists, and file clerks.

So you know why you need this course, and you know who it is for, but what will you ACTUALLY learn?

  1. Hacking strategies (overview)
  2. NEW! Password recommendations by NIST and Microsoft
  3. How to use Encryption
  4. Ransomware, it's dangers, and how to avoid it
  5. How to scan for viruses
  6. Browsing online (SAFELY)
  7. Public wi-fi, it's risks, and how to secure it
  8. Emailing client information and Email Encryption
  9. How to detect Phishing Emails and what to do
  10. Other Tips and Tricks to be secure

For questions email us at : Info@LegalTechnology.Solutions

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