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Crystal-Pyramid Energetic Sessions - ALL DAY EVENT

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Sep 16 8:00AM - 9:00AM

All of the sessions offer a combination of pyramidal energies, powerful crystals and specific sound frequencies, designed to heal and empower your physical and subtle bodies. Each person will be laying inside of a 5' copper pyramid, surrounded by powerful crystals in different formations, while listening to sound frequencies.

As the sound opens the field of infinite possibilities, crystals direct the energies and with the amplification of the pyramid, transformational potential is elevated to its maximum.
In this environment anything is possible. Each session has a different focus of energies. Description of each session follows - below.

Vital Energies Empowerment Session (30 minutes/ 60 minutes)
This session is designed to energetically empower all of your fields, commonly known as chakras. You will experience the opening and cleansing of your vital energies and fields, as well as balancing and re-alignment. As a result you will have more energy, vitality, and a sense of greater harmony of your energy field, as well as physical and psychological well-being.

Golden Light Frequency Transmission(30 minutes/ 60 minutes*)
This session brings soothing and nurturing energies of higher dimensional realms, that are beyond the world of duality and that will completely cleanse and empower your emotional and energetic bodies. This session is perfect for stress relief, emotional release and energetic rejuvenation. You will experience more peace, calm and harmony as the healing frequencies penetrate your subtle bodies and cellular memory. As a result your entire system will experience deep and subtle reset.

* 60 minute version comes in a combination with Dimensional Exploration session

Universal Mind Meditation (30, 45, 60 minutes)
This session includes a guided meditation piece, that will stimulate re-structuring of your mental and emotional patterns, that will align you with the Universal Infinite Mind. The sound will induce deeply relaxing states of mind, and crystals will assist you in creating new and empowering thought patters, as well as releasing old and limiting beliefs and perceptions.

Higher Dimensional Exploration and Re-Generation Session (30 minutes/ 60 minutes)
This session is perfect for explorers and adventurers in consciousness. Higher vibrational energies will take you on a journey of inner exploration, while at the same time your body will receive deep regenerative frequencies. As a result you will enter states of mind that will allow for multi-dimensional perception and your body and energies will be replenished and rejuvenated.


Thesesessions openup a connection to the Higher Self and First Source Intelligence. Sounds and narration are designed to assist you in becoming receptive to these energies and open up to a greater possibility.You will experience expansion of your perception and merging with a larger part of you in a safe and harmonious environment.

Sessions come in 30, 45 and 60 minute segments, and are scheduled by appointment only. 30 minutes sessions are $60,45 minutes sessions are $90and 60 minutes sessions $120. Payments can be made online in advance, or by card, check or cash in person, at the time of the session.

To book your time slot please text or call [masked], or email at [masked]

Thank you for your choice to consciously evolve. May all possibilities be open to you!

How to find us:Sessions Available from 8 AM to 8 PM.

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