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Critical Defensive Pistol Skills - Weatherford TX

Spencer Keepers, Keepers Concealment/Awareness Defense Training
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Endorsed by Curators:
Nov 09 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Spencer Keepers will teach the morning block. This block will focus on developing critical gunhandling shooting skills necessary to develop a solid shooting foundation. Students will be exposed to instruction on the importance of paying attention to small nuances concerning presentation from the holster, proper grip, sight alignment, trigger control, follow-through, and reset. The ability to understand and competently perform the basics is essential to developing a high degree of skill. Students should see a marked improvement in their ability to draw a handgun and consistently make both quick and accurate hits on target through participation in drills that allow the instructors to both identify and correct small shooting errors. 300 rounds required.

Steve Moses will teach the afternoon block. This block will focus on the human side of possible and actual encounters with persons capable of and possibly intending to harm or kill the concealed carrier. Students will be required to work from concealment for this block. Moses will discuss criminal mentality and the part it may play in an encounter, the importance of identifying and interrupting the see-choose-close-assault phases of a possible criminal assault, means other than use of a handgun if possible or required to deal with a physical assault, and simple methods of responding appropriately based upon variables such as distance, attacker numbers, type of weapon employed by a criminal offender, and location of attack (street, movie theater, restaurant, home, or vehicle). 100 rounds required.

Class will require a reliable semi-automatic handgun, four magazines, 300 rounds of ammunition, clothing appropriate for season and weather, eye and ear protection, lunch, snacks, and drinks, and note-taking materials.

Students who take both classes will obtain the greatest benefit plus receive a 10% discount ($450.00 instead of $500.00). Visit this link to sign up for BOTH DAYS

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