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Create Your 2020 Vision!! A Vision Board Social for Diverse Entrepreneurial Women

Evolving Doors | Women Building Empires
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Nov 30 2:00PM - 5:00PM

Whats your Vision for 2020? Are your goals and desires as clear as can be?

Have you started thinking about how you want to feel and what you want to accomplish for 2020?

Why not get clear about your desires and create a vision board to manifest them!

On November 30th Evolving Doors is hosting a vision board social mixer geared to women entrepreneurs, mom-preneurs, creatives and professionals looking to take action and make an impact in 2019.

Join us for a casual and stimulating afternoon where we will share goal-setting strategies and how to bring your desires to life through the creation of your own personalized vision board.

Don't be intimidatedby the creative component, this is where the magic happens. You also don't have to have any previous experience with arts or crafts as long as you can hold a glue stick and a pair of scissors your good to go.

Remember thoughts have power and what you focus on expands!Visuals have power and when you set goals creating a vision board helps to keep you focused on what you want and create positive emotions each time you look at it.

If you still need more evidence of the power of visualization take a look at this article:

PLEASE NOTE: While magazines are provided for you to select images from. You are encouraged to bring photos or images you already have in mind to include in your vision board (i.e. a photo of self or children, dream home, destinations, or anything else you feel you must include, etc.).

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out:

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