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Cottonwood (Secret) Canyon-AZ W/ Ascending Practice

Las Vegas Canyoneering Meetup Group
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Endorsed by Curators:
Feb 10 8:00AM - 3:00PM

**Preference will be giving to those signed up last time I canceled**

This is a short but fun canyon with 3 rappels up to approximately 50-60 feet with some down climbing and scrambling. It is located on the AZ side of Black Canyon below Hoover Dam.

**Note: The return trip up canyon will require you to ascend up a rope approximately 60. You will need ascending skills and proper equipment to do such. The bottom part of the canyon can get wet with knee to thigh high water in some parts. You may want to bring water shoes or an extra pair of socks/footwear. There is a hot springs pool at the bottom you can use or you can swim about 20 yards across a cove out to the rivers edge for a nice view up and down the river. Water will be cold. Bring bathing suit or change of clothes if you want to swim or use hot tub. If you don't want to get wet, you can stop in the pothole and work on those skills!

YOUR PROFILE MUST BE FILLED OUT BEFORE YOU RSVP! If we can't determine your skill level from your profile, you will be removed from the attendance list.

Cancellations within 24 hours of the event will be considered a no-show. If you no show, you will be banned from any future events I host.

If you are on the waiting list and you can no longer attend , please remove yourself from the list.

Please review the Las Vegas Canyoneering Meetup Waiver ( All participants are required to sign a copy of the waiver at the event.

Required Minimum Skills:
The ability to rappel
**The ability to ascend a rope.**
The ability to rig a rappel device to provide the appropriate amount of friction for rope diameters from 8mm to 9mm rigged single or double strand.
The ability to lock off at mid rappel.
The ability to climb and down-climb on rock.
The ability to provide a bottom belay (aka military belay, fireman belay) for a rappeller.

Canyoneering Gear: minimum required for participation

Helmet (meets UIAA standards)
Rappelling Device
Ascenders of some type
Extra Locking Carabiners (3 or 4)
Safety Tether
Sewn Runners aka Dyneema or Nylon Slings (24 or 48-inch)
Gloves (optional but recommended)
Footwear appropriate to conditions
A pack large enough to carry group gear as well as your personal items
Headlamp and spare batteries (we are not planning to go until dark but ...)

Trip may take most of the day - bring food and plenty of water.

Meetup Etiquette and Attendee Responsibilities:

Canyoneering is a group activity. All participants are expected to contribute in a meaningful way. This may include:

Carrying rope and other equipment. Offering to bring your own ropes to minimize the wear & tear on organizer ropes. Providing basic equipment such as webbing or rapid links . Providing vehicle shuttles when needed. Offer to reimburse event drivers for gas and wear & tear on their vehicles.

When doing a canyon:

Each rappeller should offer the next person down a fireman's belay. At difficult down/up climbs, offer to spot or assist the next person. Do not simply continue on to the next obstacle.

Safety comes first. No canyoneer should ever feel self conscious about asking for assistance.

Make sure to check the weather ( Be prepared!

How to find us:Meet under the big Fiesta sign. We will be driving a Red Jeep 702-358-3696

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