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Swami's Team Fun - Woman-focused cycling group
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Apr 14 8:00AM - 12:00PM

We try to get down to San Diego about once per quarter for one of our favorite rides, the Coronado Loop. We will enjoy a very flat ride with cooling ocean breezes. The main portion of the ride that all groups will do is approximately 38 miles, much of which will be on bike trail. This is a very flat ride, so if you have been wanting to check out the group, this is a great week to try us out. We have done this ride many times, and it is always enjoyable. The ride meanders through downtown San Diego, then all along the Bay, and up the Silver Strand to Coronado Island. The ferry departs every hour on the half hour - many times we make the 10:30am ferry. If we do not make the ferry, there are coffee shops and snacks available.

We are planning on having three groups this Saturday, based on speed. Route for all groups (C, D, E): 38 mile ride
Route map:

This is a very flat ride and we will spend a lot of time on Bayshore Bikeway (a paved car-free multi-use path) riding around the San Diego Bay.

We will be catching the ferry back to town from Coronado, so please make sure that you have at least $4.75 ( with you along with the usual spare inner tube, frame pump or CO2 cartridge, at least one water bottle, and some snacks for self.

Meetup spot: Please note the meetup spot. We are meeting at the last parking lot off from De Anza Rd (between Mission Bay Park and the RV resort), not at the official De Anza Cove lot. Meeting time is 8 a.m. Unlike our rides from Nytro, we will NOT have to wait for the other two groups to leave first. So plan on arriving prior to 8 am, especially if you may need to use the restroom (there is one at the parking lot).

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Fallbrook Ride from Leap

Apr 21 8:00AM - 11:00AM
We will be meeting at LEAP COFFEE this week, which is located in inland Carlsbad near the intersection of El Camino Real and Faraday. Plan on coming early and/or staying after for a snack and coffee…