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Cornering Clinic

pedalTherapy Mountain Bike Skills Coaching
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Endorsed by Curators:
Apr 14 8:00AM - 12:00PM

There is free speed out on the trails that you are giving up! This clinic will focus on cornering, both slower switchback skills and faster cornering skills. Learn to corner better, and you'll flow through the trail faster. Topics covered will include:

Bike / body separation. Crucial to efficient cornering!

Vision. Where should I be looking? Even more crucial to efficient cornering!

Counterbalancing. If I lean the bike over, how do I stay on it?

Braking techniques. Braking efficiently in corners means you spend less time slowing down, making you faster.

Feet placement. Should my foot be up, down, forward, back?

Who should attend:

This clinic is for the intermediate level rider and above. Ideally, you ride on a somewhat regular basis, are fairly comfortable with your bike and don't mind being challenged. If you're not sure, please don't hesitate to ask.

BONUS! Sign up for the Technical Climbing Clinic and Technical Descending Clinic and receive a 10% discount on all three clinics!
Technical Climbing Clinic:
Technical Descending Clinic:
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This might seem obvious, but just in caseitems to consider:

Helmet (mandatory)

Gloves (mandatory)

Eye protection / sunglasses

Cycling specific jersey / shorts

Elbow / knee pads

Adequate water supply via bottles or hydration pack

Food / energy bar

Quick release seat post clamp or adjustable height seat post


Spare tube

A note on pedals / shoes:

Well be getting on and off the bike quite a bit and not going for any particularly long rides. If you have platform pedals, or flats that you can temporarily change to, it might be something to consider. It just takes a variable out of the equation when learning new skills versus using clip-in style shoes/pedals. If you dont have flats, or prefer to learn with the setup that your most comfortable with, thats fine too. I have a couple extra pairs of flat pedals if you would like to borrow them, just let me know.

3 students minimum for the session to take place, 8 students max!

Other questions? Check out the FAQ at

or send an email directly to [masked]

Vets! Thank you for your service. Enjoy a 10% discount (refunded upon arrival, Meetup doesn't provide me with a means of discounting)

How to find us:Look for the Niner / pedalTherapy tent at the 4 Peaks parking lot (first right after the entrance station, across from the Comp Loops parking lot). Annual pass or park entry fee is required.

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