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Copy of Big Bear Ranch Concealed Carry Class December 1

Big Bear Tactical Training
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Dec 02 8:00AM - 5:00PM


You are registering for the NC Concealed Handgun Class, hosted by Big Bear Tactical Training, on December 2nd from 8am -5pm (lunch provided) (includes 1hr of range time)

Our instructor is Rev Mel Barth. He is a former Deputy Sheriff for the Greenville Co Sheriff's Office, where he earned a GOLD medal in 9mm handgun at the 1989 SC Police Olympics! Mel has been mentoring & traing shooters for 30 years. He has built, managed, operated & taught at ranges in LA, IL, & SC. Now he is building his own outdoor range in Rocky Point, NC. He is certified by the NRA to teach basic handgun, IL State Police to teach IL CCW, & NC State to teach NC Concealed Handgun classes, You will enjoy his sence of hummor & police stories of situations where he had to use his weapons to defend himself & others.

Mel is also available to mentor on a personal basis on techniques of competition shooting or advanced defense techniques.

This particular date is a Rileys Creek Baptist Church class, yet we will alow a limited number of outside participants.

The cost of the class $75.

To register for the class, you must sign up through Eventbrite, and pay a 25$ deposit to secure your spot.$15 of your registration will be donated to RCBC Family Mission trips. The remainder of your class fee, $50, must be paid at the door by cash, or check.

Please be prepared for a 9 hour day! This includes 8 hours of required class time, and 1 hr of range time. There are only a total of 15 spots available in the class.

This course will consist of the 4 hour Pistol Safety and an additional 4 hours of North Carolina Conceal Carry material to cover the following:

Conceal Carry Act

Interaction with Law Enforcement

Prohibited Areas

Justifiable Use of Force

Unlawful Use of Weapons

Dry fire/Live fire Practice Drills

Shooting Qualification

Casual Classroom Environment

Anyone attending one of our CCH classesshould bring the following with them to class:

  • Handgun, unloaded and encased, it can be brought into the classroom. However, no live ammunition can be brought into the classroom Amois to be left in your vehicle. The Instructor will safety check your handgun.
  • Your handgun should be .22 or higher and a caliber that you are comphortable qualifying with. If you plan to use a higher caliber to conceal, please schedule a private lesson w our instructor so that you will be competent with it. (it can be life or death)
  • 100 rounds of factory FMJ brass case ammunition for your handgun (50 rounds for the test) ( the others sare for practice or retest)
  • you may rent one of our handguns if needed for $25 (including amunition)
  • Eye protection & hearing protection. (BBRTT has extra hearing protection if you can't obtain any)
  • Pistol Cleaning Kit, if you have one. If not, BBRTS has plenty of pistol cleaning supplies available for you at no charge.
  • Wear comfortable and casual clothes, appropriate for the shooting range.
  • Smart Phone Ipad Laptop, if you have one for notes and any website reference. We have free Wi-Fi available in the classroom.
  • Snacks / drinks are fine during class our environment is very casual.
  • We will provide a lunch or bring your own lunch Whichever you prefer. We will not release you to go get a lunch. Coffee, Snacks, & Drinks will be provided
  • Good Attitude

You will be disqualified from a Big Bear Conceal Carry Class for:

  1. Not following the orders of the certified instructor.
  2. Not handling the firearm in a safe and responsible manner.
  3. Failure to score 70% on the range.

What kind of Handgun should I bring?

If you are wondering what kind of handgun to purchase for conceal carry, I advise taking the class first. You will have learned so much more after taking the class and you will be better able to select a handgun, holster, and conceal carry method. If you do not own a handgun, and want to take the course, Central Illinois Conceal Carry has handguns available on a loaner basis, for you to use

If you are using a Semi Auto handgun, you should have 2 magazines for reloading. A holster is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Class prerequisites:

  • Should be at least 18 years or older (you can't obtain CCH till you're 21) You can take the Class early but the Sheriff has the right to require you to take it over closer to your 21st Birthday
  • Must not be prohibited by Federal, State, or Local law from owning or possessing a firearm.
  • Must not be under the influence of any Alcohol, Drugs, Narcotics, etc that would affect your judgment or ability to focust for the entire day. This includes prescriptions. If you have questions, please email us.

The class will be held at Riley's Creek Baptist Church in classroom 101. The church is located at 19845 NC Hwy 210, Rocky Point, NC. Please park near the Basketball courts & enter through the first door on the left.

NO LIVE AMMUNITION IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE CLASSROOM. Your Firearms will be subject to inspection before entering the class, as well as anytime during the class at the instructors direction.

If you have any questions at all, please email us at

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