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Connect Confidently: Decoding the Opposite Sex

Unleash Your Power (James R. Elliot) Board Designated Master Life and Confidence Coach, NLP And Hypnosis Trainer, Author, Holistic Nutritionist
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Feb 10 9:30AM - 6:00PM

Are you:

Tired of being ghosted, shut out or shut-down by the opposite sex?

Frustrated by perplexing male or femalebehaviours, such as:

  • why she says one thing but means something else

  • why he pulls way just when things seem to be getting good

  • why shes hot one minute and cold other or

  • why hes so sensitive to minor suggestions about how to do things?

Unsure who should pay for dates? Make the first move? And how masculine or feminine you should be to attract the opposite sex especially in this era of changing gender roles and #metoo?

Dating can be difficult.
Understanding the opposite sex makes itwayeasier.

Both men and women want to be respected, loved and understood but they see the world, experience attraction, and communicate in very different ways.

In this interactive, eye-opening workshop for women and men, youll go behind the scenes of evolutionary anthropology, neuroscience, and psychology to decode the opposite sex and unlock the secrets to short and long-term attraction.

Plus, youll hear first-hand from a panel of three attractive women and three attractive men who will take your questions and tell you whattheywant from the opposite sex.

You'll learn:

  • Fivecommon myths about the opposite sexand how falling for them may besabotaging your successwith the opposite sex

  • Theone thing all women wantfrom men (hint: its not commitment),the one thing all men wantfrom women (hint: its not sex), and how this interplays in everything we do.

  • What men really want from women (hint: it's not sex!)

  • Howwomen and men experience attraction differentlyand how use this toescalate chemistry and rapportwith others.

  • How your intention arrives before you do andhow the signals youre sending may be blocking your best efforts

  • Quick andeasy ways to approach people, flirtwith them andconnectin a way that actually goes somewhere.

Get powerful insights on how to change your dating destiny.
Understand and build bridges with the opposite sex.
Get ready to meet the person of your dreams.

Tickets are limited.
$129.95 each or bring a buddy for $97.50 each*.

* For the bring a buddy price, please contact James or June directly below, or send an etransfer of $129.95 + HST to

Your facilitators:

James Elliot

James helped me uncover the blocks in my life so I can move forward with possibilities. I feel different and I continue to see changes! Alka, coaching client

James R. Elliot is a board designated master coach, Relationship Coach, NLP and hypnosis trainer, as well as a 2 time author! He helps menunleash their power, love their lives, and be the men they seek to be. James provides coaching and workshops on finding the person of your dreams, confidence, esteem, self-worth, and how to shift your career/income, relationships and dating, and your health or weight. Intrigued? VisitUnleash Your Powerto find out more, or sign up for his free newsletter tips!

June Em

Junes insights are pure gold! Brian M., workshop participant

The author ofLove Lessons from a Lap Dancer: an unconventional guide for women who want to understand men, date with confidence and put themselves first, June Em who helps women and men who are single again and struggling with meeting the right people. A certified coach practitioner, she is a former stand-up comic, corporate trainer and exotic dancer (although not all at the same time). Learn more about June and her one-on-one coaching packages and small group program atThe Love Lessons Blog.

For more information, and to register by phone, contact:

James at 905-717-9481

June at 416-708-4856

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