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Watertown Saturday Toastmasters
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Endorsed by Curators:
Dec 02 9:00AM - 10:45AM

[Don't be concerned if you don't see many RSVPs here... our members tend to RSVP via our members site at]

Please arrive at 9:00 am. From 9 to 9:15 am, we set up the meeting and network. We start the meeting at 9:15 am, and continue until 10:45 am. When you enter Church of the Good Shepherd, walk downstairs and take a left. If you arrive late, just walk in and have a seat at any open spot.

Please visit "Meeting Roles & Responsibilities" for more information about what to expect from a club meeting.

Here's a sample agenda for our meeting:

9:00 AM Setting up/Networking

9:15 AM President's Greeting and Club announcements

Welcome all to the Watertown Saturdays Toastmasters club.

Toastmaster's Welcome

Introduces each role, its purpose, and the person who will perform the role.


Starts the meeting on a light-hearted note.

Grammarian's Word of the Day

Encourages each of us to add a new word to our vocabularies. Challenge us to use the new word spontaneously.

Scheduled Speeches

Club members give the speeches that they've scheduled and prepared in advance using the guidelines from one of the Toastmasters International communication manuals.

Table Topics

Our meeting's Topicsmaster provides our members and guests with an opportunity for demonstrating and honing their skills for impromptu speaking.

General Evaluator's Introduction

Introduces evaluation team members and evaluate the evaluators and the meeting in general.

Speech Evaluations

Club members provide helpful, supportive feedback to each of the scheduled speaker in a positive and friendly manner.

Grammarian's Report

Grammarian reports on how many times speakers used the Word of the Day and how we used the English language.

Ah-Counter's Report

Ah-counter reports how many filler-words and false starts were used by each participant, to raise speakers' awareness of these instances and to encourage improvement.

Timer's Report

Timer reports speaking times of all major speaking roles to encourage members learn to accomplish tasks within set time limits.

General Evaluator's Report

General evaluator provides a review of the meeting, what went well, and areas for improvement to encourage continual growth and an optimal quality of our meetings.

Toastmaster's Closing Remarks

10:45 AM President Adjourns Meeting

We usually have a convivial lunch at The Red Lentil. Hang around after the meeting for details.

How to find us:Park on Russell Avenue and enter Church of the Good Shepherd from Russell Avenue. When you enter, walk downstairs and take a left.

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