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Clinical Running Essentials One Day Intimate Workshop

Zeren PT
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Dec 02 8:30AM - 5:30PM

Given the number of requests that I've been receiving about sharing my perspective on helping runners return to consistent and healthy training, I've decided to host an intimate one day workshop at my residence in Seattle, WA. This one day crash course will go over the crux of what you will need to learn to migrate runners out of the medical system and back to training. This workshop is eligible for CEUs in WA & OR.

The primary topics and objectives of this course are listed below. In addition to the didactic portion of the workshop, attendees will also be invited to a no-host happy hour at a local bar/restaurant to catch up in a casual manner.

  • Develop proficiency in motivational interviewing, communication, and fostering therapeutic alliance specific to runners.

  • Learn to infuse fundamental tenets of pain science into your treatment sessions without pushing bad breath.

  • Review the performance demands, and biomechanics of running specific to foot strike, speed, and surface.

  • Discuss key functional assessments and capacity testing for runners.

  • Master orthopedic examination specific to running.
  • Delve into progressions and regressions of therapeutic exercise prescription.

  • Master running treadmill analysis through a simple, practice, and evidence guided approach.

  • Learn basic strength training considerations and program design for runners.

  • Master load management for runners of all ages and abilities.

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Endorsed by Curators:
Clinical Running Essentials Course

Clinical Running Essentials Course

Mar 10 8:30AM - 4:00PM

This will be the inaugural "Clinical Running Essentials" course and will take place at Nathan Carlson's facility in Kansas City Missouri