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Cleveland Dam, 2-4 hrs, easy hike

Vancouver Veggie Hikers & Activities
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Feb 10 10:00AM - 2:00PM

Hi Folks

This is an easy hike, all ages, dog-friendly, with limited elevation, and wearing hiking boots are always better than wearing running shoes... If it is excessively rainy, then i will reschedule the hike.

Feel free to bring your best self... I'm asking that everyone who RSVP's introduces themself to the group at the meeting point by first sharing their first name, most recent hiking experience and one of the following:

-an all-ages appropriate joke

-read out a favorite piece of short poetry

-your favorite 100% plant awesome meal or favorite cause

-or a fun fact/recent experience that others would like to hear

-resolution or big goal for 2018

Here's a bit about the hike

Cleveland Dam, built in 1954, blocks Capilano Lake which supplies fresh drinking water to the Lower Mainland. The Dam sits atop the Capilano River Regional Park ( Capilano Lake and the peaks of the Lions provide a spectacular backdrop.

View an impressive spillway nearing 300 feet, holding back the 670-acre man-made Capilano Lake, which provides the wonderful, pure drinking water for much of the Greater Vancouver region. Capilano-Pacific Trail runs 5 miles (8 km) north from Ambleside Park to Capilano Lake.

There are several short hikes and trails that lead to amazing views of the dam. The Capilano Salmon Hatchery ( is another popular free attraction in North Vancouver. Its a short walk from the Cleveland Dam to the Hatchery or you can drive down Capilano Road to get there.

Also please note: it costs $89 US for every six months for this group or around $230 per year. Consequently, i would appreciate if everyone made a one-time donation for this year of hiking of as little as a toonie or as much as ten dollars. If you can't afford any amount, then feel free to offer to volunteer in some way and i will be sure to accommodate you in some way... We usually need someone to be a sweeper or respond to any questions that may pop up on the RSVP page

Please don't be late and please bring the best version of yourself

How to find us:Look for the 6 foot guy with the beige hat

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Cheakamus Lake.. Easy, with limited elevation

Cheakamus Lake.. Easy, with limited elevation

Apr 28 10:00AM - 9:00PM

What we'll do
Details will be shared later

What to bring

Important to know

How to find us:At the parking lot, near the rest rooms