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Clearwater Real Estate Investor Introduction

TBRE Holdings, LLC
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Jul 14 6:30PM - 9:00PM

We don't just teach real estate investing... weCREATEreal estate investors.

Come learn:

1. Learn the exact strategy to making money in real estate right away!
2. Learn how to find the best and most profitable investments to generate steady income.
3. Meet and learn from other successful real estate investors and professionals.

Pro Tips:

  • Learn how you can use other people's money to make money with real estate.

  • Discover a rarely discussed tool which offers maximum interest rates from 12% and 18%, or even more depending on the location. This investment strategy is supported by US State Law, backed by real estate, and has been around for over 100 years.

  • See why people, just like yourself, are making lot of money and having a ton of success using our real estate education group.

  • Get connected with our local team of Investors on a weekly basis.

Senior Investor



Network event with local investors. See what it takes to actually FLIP a house. What it takes to find one, fund it, fix it, and finish it, plus how much profit is projected. How to double your income, to pay 2/3rds less in taxes, and eliminate mortgage debt without having to make extra payments.

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Milwaukee Real Estate Intro

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