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City of Mason and Assurex Health Research & Science Series Capstone

City of Mason/Assurex Health
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Oct 12 5:00PM - 6:30PM

Earlier cancer detection. Highly tailored drug treatmentplans. Better diagnosis of rare genetic disorders.

The solution to many modern-day challenges lies in the field of genomics via thesequencing and analyzing of genomes. Join one of the fields leading experts as hediscusses cutting-edge research and development in the industry and benchmarkshow community engagement at all levels has played a vital role in HudsonAlphascommitment to the future of science and health innovation.


Dr. Neil Lamb,Vice Presidentfor EducationalOutreach andFaculty Investigator
HudsonAlpha Institutefor Biotechnology


  • Anyone interested in learning moreabout how genomes affect youreveryday life and health

  • Leaders in the scientific communityinterested in HudsonAlphas approachto community engagement

  • Employees in Masons rapidly growingbiohealth hub

  • Students of science or other STEM fields

Questions? Contact Amy Sanders at513-701-5000 or


The City of Mason and Assurex Research& Science Series is a unique economicdevelopment collaboration that feedsconnectivity among our corporate partnersand engages scientific talent in Mason topromote breakthrough ideas in our schools,community and beyond.

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