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China's Bold Ambition: The Belt and Road Initiative

California Alumni Association, Chinese Chapter
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Nov 15 6:30PM - 9:30PM

China's Bold Ambition: The Belt and Road Initiative

When:Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 6:30 PM

Where: Peony Restaurant, Oakland, CA

Speaker: Roger S. Dong, Lt Colonel, USAF (retired)

Join the CAA-Chinese Chapter for dinner and an informative evening as Lt Col Roger S. Dong, USAF (retired), a former Foreign Area/China Specialist with the Department of Defense (DoD) presents on China's ambitiousBelt and Road Initiative (BRI)/ New Silk Road/One Belt, One Road (OBOR) project.

The bold vision of China President Xi Jin-ping, theNew Silk Road is a global infrastructure project to build asuper-network of highways, railroads, gas and oil pipelines, enhanced ports and airports that will connect dozens of countries across the Eastern hemisphere. If successful, this China-led initiative interconnecting the Eastern hemisphere by land and see potentially can tilt wealth, power and influence very significantly from the West to the East in the next decade.

Since the initiative was introduced in September of 2013, 68 countries have signed MOU to indicate interest or participation.The Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing this May was attended by 30 heads of state, top leaders of UN, IMF, AIIB and World Bank, plus delegations from 72 countries worldwide. It was indeed one of the most significant international conference in recent years.

Come hear Lt Col Dong present on the status of this transformative project, what America must do to protect our own vital interests in the face of it and how the New Silk Road project may serve as an infrastructure roadmap for how the U.S. can maintain a strong and healthy economy.

About the speaker:

Lt Colonel Roger S. Dong, USAF (retired), is a former Defense Attach and Air Attach with the Department of Defense, and was a China specialist for over 30 years. He served several tours at our US Consulate General in Hong Kong and more than 12 years in defense and civilian capacities in Taiwan. He was our Defense Attach at our de facto embassy, the American Institute in Taiwan, during the Chinese ballistic missile exercises in 1995 and 1996. A native of San Francisco, since 2005 his retired life is devoted to non-profit organizations. Some of his volunteer positions includes Finance Officer and former Chair, American Legion War Memorial Commission; Executive Director American Legion Veterans Success Center; Historian and Judge Advocate, American Legion Cathay Post 384; and Chair, Chinese American Heroes.

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