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CCC - The Samba Up Esperanza from Jax - Level C3+ (27 mi)

Claremont Cycling Club (CCC)
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Endorsed by Curators:
Aug 12 7:30AM - 11:00AM

CCC "C-Level" Saturday Ride rolling from JAX Bicycle Center, Claremont


Please arrive at least fifteen minutes earlier for last minute prep and call or text if you happen to be running a little late.

Ride Length: 27.2 Miles

Ride Elevation Change: Only 1450 feet of Elevation Gain!

Garmin Compatible Route Link: The Samba Up Esperanza Route

Ride Level: C3 Level** (Click Here for Ride Level Details)

Ride Description:

Leave yourCarnavalbeads at home!! This ride is geared towards those of you that have been regularly joining our previous weekly C-level Hicrest group ride and need a route that's slightly longer, (maybe) slightly harder, but still a lot of fun!

This new still route also starts from Jax Bicycle Center, Claremont. We will ride at a nice, steady tempo pace geared towards increasing your overall fitness while making needed adjustments along the way dependent upon the overall fitness/experience level of the group.Proper bike riding technique and road etiquette will be emphasized.

Don't worry, we have a NO DROP policy so you won't be left behind. When we encounter hills you will be able to climb at your own pace and we will regroup at the summit. There will be several other regroups as needed along the way. Typically, a ride of this length will take about 2.75+ hours to complete including regroups and rest stops.

We occasionally pay a post-ride visit to one of our local Village merchants to refuel and socialize a bit, so bringcash and/or a debit cardif you want to purchase some goodies.

If you are running late or have any questions about your ability or preparation to do this ride, please contact me directly through the Meetup messaging system or call/text:

Pam Smith[masked]

Minimal Riding Requirements:

Properly fitted and fastened bicycle helmets are MANDATORY!

An appropriate bike in good and safe working condition

Each rider should carry an extra tube, patch kit, tire levers, bike tool and a pump and/or CO2kit

Knowledge of which brake handle is for your rear brake (normally the right) and ability to use it as your primary brake or in conjunction with the front brake; do not apply only your front brake

Highly visible clothing and bicycling sport specific protective glasses

Proper hydration carried on the bike (water and/or a sports drink and drink often during the ride)

Some form of quick energy food

Ability to maintain speed and balance, brake efficiently, and safely handle your bike

Each rider should carry some form of identification in case of an emergency (RoadID, a copy of your current address/emergency contacts/special medical needs, etc.)

Small amount of cash and/or debit card for meals or snacks is optional Our rides emphasize group and individual rider skill development. Bicycle riders, like drivers of motor vehicles, must obey all traffic laws.

In case of inclement weather or other possible ride cancellation conditions, our ride leader or designated representative will be present at the start location at the event start time to give postponement or cancellation details.

DISCLAIMER: By being a member of this group you make it known that you, your personal representatives, assigns, heirs and next of kin will hold blameless in the case of accident, injury, or damage of any kind the Claremont Cycling Club (CCC), its officers, members, and volunteers. You recognizethat bicycling is potentially dangerous, and you represent that you are a competent cyclist with safe equipment. You fully understand the nature of Bicycling Activities and that you are qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate in such Activity. You understand that you participate in this bicycling activity at your own risk. You further recognize that safety is your own personal responsibility and you agree to participate in keeping all rides safe. You agree to hold the above organization harmless and indemnify them for all costs, judgments and awards that may be claimed including the cost to defend such claims brought by you or another on your behalf. CCC events are not races, it is incumbent upon the participant(s) to operate their bicycle in a safe manner, obey all traffic laws, and helmets are required. This disclaimer will be valid for any and all of the Claremont Cycling Club events and Community Rides. You also agree that your membership in this group is on an at will basis that can be terminated at any time for any reason.

How to find us:Park in the parking lot adjacent to the building or street park.

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