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Nov 09 6:00AM - 2:00PM

Introducing a unique Monterey Catch & Cook Competition (C3) that will draw on your talents from freediving, to hunting, to cooking and marine conservation.

The inaugural Monterey Catch & Cook Competition is a family-friendly event organized by ocean lovers to raise funds for ocean conservation while encouraging sustainable fishing practices. One of the most significant benefits of spearfishing is that fishermen are able to control which species theyre catching and the number of fish they intend to harvest. Therefore, there is no risk of unintentionally catching certain species of fish or marine animals. Since this fishing technique doesnt usually impact the ocean floor, spearfishing doesnt have the negative impacts on the ocean environment like other fishing techniques do. Join us as we come together to celebrate the ocean and learn about how we can protect this place we love for future generations to enjoy.

RSVP NOW. Ticket sales are now available for $40 cash at Monterey Bamboo Reef Dive Shop, Monterey Bay Kayaks or on the day of the event. All proceeds will go to Save Our Shores (SOS - a Monterey-based nonprofit organization focused on protection and conservation of our local marine environment for the past 40 years. SOS will also be coordinating a beach clean-up (with prizes!) at this family-friendly event so we encourage you to bring your family and friends. Supplies and permit will be provided by SOS. Raffle tickets are available for purchase, and various prizes can be won even if you don't participate in the catch and cook portion of the event.

C3 RULES and INFORMATION (Read Carefully)

The goal is for an individual (no teams) to create a dish that highlights fresh caught fish that will be prepared and cooked at the event. Sides, sauces and other ingredients can be prepared beforehand and transported to event. However, the ocean harvested proteins must be caught via free-dive spearfishing after check-in on the day of the event, and then cleaned and fully cooked by heat at the event location (no sashimi but blanching for use in dishes like ceviche is ok). Meal must be cooked in typical catch and cook style (i.e., portable propane, charcoal briquettes and electric portable stoves/grills only) on a heating device that you bring to the event. ALL DFW REGULATIONS AND MPA BOUNDARIES MUST BE FOLLOWED see links below. All State and Local game/fish rules apply. Competitors must possess a valid CA fishing license. All spearguns, including pole spears, must be loaded using muscle power. Spearguns must be loaded and unloaded in the water. Fish may only be taken while freediving. Use of SCUBA or hooka system will not be permitted. Divers must take their own fish with any aid whatsoever upon penalty of disqualification. Fish not allowed: Sharks, Rays, Skates, or any other fish whose take is prohibited by California law.
Failure to comply with Tournament Rules will result in disqualification.

We have an impressive list of sponsors and prize donors, be ready to compete for amazing prizes from some of the biggest brands in the dive and culinary industries.

- The 3 main prizes will go to the competitors that present the 3 highest scored dishes based on the categories listed below (the sum total of all category points). The panel of judges will include professional chefs with various backgrounds and cooking disciplines. Each contestant will need to prepare 3 identical plates; one for each judge. Fish must be the highlight of the dish but use of complementary invertebrates is encouraged. Each dish must include fish (i.e., not a dish with the only protein/meat being an invertebrate).

Points will be awarded for each of the following categories:
- Fish use. How many different parts of the fish you utilized in your dish (e.g., belly meat, head, collar, roe, fillet, cheeks, stock, etc.) max of 20 points
- Overall presentation of dish (contrasting colors and textures attractively or uniquely presented) max of 30 points
- Difficulty of techniques used in preparation of your dish. max of 10 points
- Taste. Complementary flavors, textures and precision of cooking. max of 40 points

5 additional points awarded for inclusion of:
- Vermillion, Triggerfish, Scallop, Mussels, Urchin, Monkeyfaced Eel, Halibut, Striped Bass, Crab or other invertebrate; however, they must be collected on the day of the event and fish must be highlight of the dish.

Note: Participating in the cooking portion of this event is not necessary to win the below prizes.
1) Heaviest fish gets a great prize, honorable mention and bragging rights. If an exact tie, length will determine winner.
2) Most urchins removed If more than 1 person submits a limit of urchin, total weight will determine winner.
3) Beach Clean Up: No entry fee required if only participating in the beach clean-up. Top 3 participants with the most bags (by volume) of trash and garbage picked up on day of event at the beach. More information below.

- Event participants will get 5 raffle tickets with their entry fee and an additional 10 raffle tickets for participating in the cooking portion of the competition.
- Additional raffle tickets will be available for cash purchase by any friends/family of the paid participants.
- Must be present to win prizes.

Note: These timelines will be strictly held and any tardiness will result in disqualification.
Check-in at Monterey Bay Kayaks
- 6:00 AM Sharp: Check-In and waiver signing.
- 6:20 AM: PFI freediving instructor's safety briefing.
- 6:30 AM: Divers released to travel to a dive destination of their choosing.
Weigh In / Return Deadline
- 12:00 PM or earlier (No fish after 12:00 PM will be eligible for weighing or cooking.)
Judging of Food Deadline
- 1:00 PM or earlier (Your dish must be ready to be judged or you will be disqualified.)
The order of judging will be "first finished, first judged" so dishes don't get cold.
- 1:15 PM
Awards and Prizes to Participants
- 1:45 PM

S.O.S. will be hosting an open-to-public beach cleanup meeting at Monterey Bay Kayaks at 10:00 AM should family and friends of participants want to take interest for the wellbeing of our marine environment. There will be 3 great prizes for those with the largest volume of trash picked up.

Beach clean-up event and supplies coordinated by SOS volunteer, Nia Carrico-Diener. We recommend that all volunteers dress in layers, wear sun protection, and bring a filled reusable water bottle. Volunteers under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Closed-toed shoes are highly recommended. Restrooms and drinking fountains are available onsite. No RSVPs are necessary, but you can print and complete their waiver beforehand to save time. Be sure to bring your signed copy (1 per volunteer) to the event. If you have additional questions, please contact

GYOTAKU PRESENTATION specific details to come.

Share this event on social media. We hope you can make it! #montereycatchandcook (for fish/food/competition pics) and #montereytrashtag (for beach cleanup pics)

For questions, please contact Eric Keener


Official DFW link to the Central Coast MPAs
DeeperBlue.Com Event Announcement

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Guidance Appointments for Mrs. Franks

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