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Case File: Derin

The Forgotten Ones: A murder mystery group
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Dec 02 9:00AM - 10:00AM

We are beginning a new case, an unsolved disappearance right here from Albuquerque. It is a fresh case,and right now is still listed as "missing persons." This means that, because the person is 18 and there is no evidence of a crime, police/law enforcement do not put resources into the case outside of a few inquiries. This changes if evidence of a crime is ever discovered.

However, a member and I are going down a rabbit hole and we've found small clues that we believe are evidence that "Derin" was kidnapped from ABQ. We believe she is in danger. We are doing everything we can to find her, working with her girlfriend and their friends.

This case will be our primary focus going forward. We are producing a podcast for it as I type this. Join us any Saturday if you'd like to get involved!

Derin, a late 20s female, went missing in ABQ in early April (I'm withholding her last name until we have permission from family to release the findings). She did not tell anyone where she was going, and there was no evidence of a crime being committed. Her apartment showed no signs of forced entry. Nothing was missing...except her laptop, purse, and cell phone.

Yet one thing in the apartment...something that even the police wouldn't have noticed...was missing, and only Derin's girlfriend Gianna and their friend Lexi recognized it.

Members who RSVP and No-show more than twice without removing themselves off the rsvp list before the scheduled meetup will be removed from the group so that others may participate. So please, if you RSVP but cannot make it, then take your name off the list!

How to find us:Use your sleuthing skills! (Or just look for me/us on the patio outside)

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