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[C75km] Saturday Morning Social Ride - Halton Hills to Eden Mills @ 8:45am

Toronto Bike Meetup
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Sep 16 8:45AM - 1:00PM

Note: Everything you need to know is in bold print. If anything, just read that and skip everything else.

This event requires a sufficient number of participants and dry weather conditions. Check the status of the event at 6:30am for final confirmation. Likewise, if you need to cancel your RSVP, please do so before that time. We will be departing on time or earlier if everyone is present.

Please arrive by no later than 8:30am for a prompt 8:45am departure (or earlier if everyone is present). Remember, this event starts at Stewarttown Public School. Do NOT mistakenly go to Pineview School for this event.

Come join us for our Sunday Morning Social Ride (SMSR) to Eden Mills.

Ride Style and Objective:

As the title suggests, this event is a social ride in which we ride together as a group with less focus on speed. However, it is important to note that this is neither a newbie ride (riding less than once a week) nor an endurance ride, and that there is a desired pace this group typically rides at.Moreover, no maps are provided, so it is important to stay in visual proximity of each other. In particular, if the host is out of visual range, you are riding too fast or too slow.

As a group effort to make everyone feel welcome, faster riders are expected to reduce their pace to accommodate slower riders, and to contribute in keeping the group from fragmenting too far apart. This means you must be cognizant of the whereabouts of the host, and resist hijacking the ride by taking others with you. Don't "eat and run." This is a team effort.

Your participation and consideration of your fellow riders enhances the experience for everybody. Please don't be constrained by time or patience. In short, we're all in it together.

Route Description:

The route to Eden Mills is on the quiet country roads of Halton Hills, passing by farms, railroads, and lots of wilderness through the mountains of the Niagara Escarpment.

A 15-20 minute refreshment stop is planned after 56km at the Clover Farm convenience store where there is a mini Country Style.

Since there is only one toilet available, we will attempt to stagger our arrival by stopping off at Dar's Bakery for a butter tart (sorry no washrooms there). Hopefully, some of you will want to purchase one while the rest of the group continues 3km to the Clover Farm. We will meet up with them there 10 minutes later in old defunct town of Brookville.

There are no washroom facilities before the Clover Farm. However, there is a portable toilet next to 15th Side Road adjacent to Stewarttown's School's soccer field (150 meters east of the parking lot). Of course, there are always the opportunities along the wooded areas of the route as well.

Bicycle Type, Skill Level, and Pace:

This event is best suited for those who have a road bike, but can also be done by riders who are strong on hills with a hybrid bike. A mountain bike is not recommended. Remember, the heavier the bike, the more work to climb hills and ride against the wind compared to most riders who have road bikes.

The pace will typically be between 22-30km on the flats with an overall average pace of 20-22km, depending on the winds and the fitness of the group. That said, this event is for cyclists who have some experience riding similar distances and pace with a group of road-bike cyclists.


No map is provided for this route. However, the map below will give you an idea of what the route looks like. The actual route may be slightly different.

Mechanical Problems:

Please ensure you and you and your bike are fit for the entire distance of the event. Having flat tires and other mechanical problems are not recommended, as you risk being left on your own. Road bike tires should be inflated to[masked] pounds, hybrid tires, 70-85 pounds of pressure.

Please be patient with those delaying the ride with flat tires or other mechanical problems! Consider this unfortunate situation as a photo opportunity to mock and humour the victim.

Dress Attire and Preparation:

Please dress appropriately for the heat/cold and other weather conditions. Here are some suggestions:

Do not dress comfortably warm before the start of the ride or you will quickly overheat.

Bring enough water to stay hydrated.

Dress in layers so you can dress down. Bring a bag to put your extra clothing

Wear sunblock.

Bring an EpiPen if you are allergic to insect stings.

And of course you must wear a helmet (and although not mandated for this event, a bell is required by law).

Duration of Event:

Arrival time back to the parking lot should be a bit over 4 hours after the start.

Directions to Stewarttown Public School:

Take HWY 401 West to Trafalgar Rd. Go north on Trafalgar for 10km until the 15th side road at the third traffic light. Turn right on 15th Side road and into the parking lot of Stewarttown Public School which is on the southeast corner of Trafalgar and 15th Side Road.

Note: Keep the above directions close at hand. Several people have reported that the GPS directions are incorrect when using the numeric coordinates rather than a street addressrather than a street address.

Relative Workout Ranking (based on terrain and distance) : 3 out of 5 compared to other SMSR rides offered from the Halton, Caledon, or Newcastle areas.

TBM Ride Classification: C


Disclaimer (the fine print in plain English):

By taking part in this event you and your guests agree that:

you will participate at your own risk and take responsibility for your guests

you will release the organizer(s) of any responsibility from injury or other mishaps that may occur.

you will identify any hazards that can endanger your safety; use good judgement for any traffic related decisions you make (irrespective of what other riders do), and take full responsibility for yourself as a consequence of your actions.

you are in good health and fit enough to complete the event in accordance to the requirements outlined in the ride description.

you are proficient in riding a bicycle in accordance with the rules of the road set out by the laws of Ontario.

you understand the inherent risks of riding a bicycle in a group and solo.

you take full responsibility for the operational condition of your equipment.

you will find your own way back to the start location, should you be unable to keep up, get separated from the group, or have a mechanical problem.

How to find us:Less than 25 minutes from junction of HWY 401/427. Take HWY 401 west, exit at Trafalgar north for 10km. At 3rd traffic light, turn right (east) on 15th Side Road and into the parking lot of Stewarttown Public School on the southeast corner.

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