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Business Career Transitioning Seminars for 2018

MCCS Personal & Professional Development Branch and MEA-West
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Sep 17 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Business Career Transitioning Seminars for 2018
(Previously Titled "Business 101")

This is a "MUST DO" course for Officers and senior NCOs
who are transitioning into business careers.

The Business Career Transitioning Seminar teaches military leaders how to succeed in a corporate environment.

It is a career training course that is all about the world of contemporary business an inside look at how it works, expectations of employers, biases, organization, culture, and your new career fit within it. It is taught by experienced business executives and panelists from across the country, several who were Marine and Navy Officers. It is offered free to all transitioning and retired career military Officers and senior enlisted personnel (E-6 & above), regardless of branch of service.

The business world is vastly different from the military environment, and those in it understand even less about what you do than you understand about what they do. Our Business Career Transitioning Seminar (previously titled Business 101 enables you to define, articulate, and sell your value proposition to potential employers. Developed for career senior leaders, this course will show you how to navigate contemporary business culture which values profit over people a culture far different than the military.

We prepare you for success and show what to avoid. You will learn:

How businesses function and how each department interrelates to your success
How to demonstrate your value in a strange civilian business world where 97% dont really know what you are about, except for the movies
How to deal with the misperceptions of your valuable skills by people who think you are scary
How to manage your careers self-survival, as contrasted from the militarys focus on the mission and the team
How to survive with job insecurity, with most jobs lasting less than three years
How to adjust from being the person who gives the orders to the one taking them
How to succeed in interviews and with supervisors who may be 15 years your junior
How to turn your military behaviors, manners, habits, biases, discipline, and other attributes into success factors, lest they become your downfall
How to avoid HR and the front door butd instead find the back door to the key person in a target company to get an interview
How to investigate target companies when you dont have any points of introduction
How you can translate your military MOS and skills into the civilian business roles where you will best fit
Learn important new business concepts of revenue generation, market niches, contribution margin, Lean, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship
Learn how to use your fresh perspectives to your advantage in interviews and performance
Listen to veterans that have made successful transitions into Corporate America
Listen to employers on how to position yourself better to get the job
Listen to military veteran business owners on how they became successful entrepreneurs

Taught at the graduate-school level, even vets with MBAs will benefit. This free course is unique, with information that is not offered at TRS or any other transitioning seminar. This course has excellent feedback ratings.

Our 4-day course helps you understand how your unique military leadership skills translate into civilian business leadership roles. It demonstrates how businesses perceive your marketable skills. It is short on theory and long on practical business applications. This unique business course is NOT a job fair, a networking meeting, or about resume writing, interviewing or other skills to be learned in other programs, including TRS. This course is deliberately different and it is important.

Our highly acclaimed Business Career Transitioning Seminar (previously titled Business 101) is right on target for transitioning senior veterans. It is taught only by experienced business executives and panelists from across the country, several who were Marine and Navy Officers. It is not taught by bureaucrats or wanna-bes. They are volunteering their time in appreciation for the freedoms you have afforded them.

Learn more at:

The seminar is limted to Commissioned Officers and senior NCOs (E-6 and above) who are transitioning into the private sector. There is no cost to participate.Attire is business casual. Spouses are welcome.

If you register, we are expecting you to participate.

Business Career Transitioning Seminars are scheduled for:
February 12 - 15, 2018
May 14 - 17, 2018
September 17 - 20, 2018

Here is what former class members said about the Business Career Transitioning Seminar (formerly called Business 101):

I came here floundering and left with direction.
It is worth putting our regular work aside for a few days to learn what is really important to us and our futures. Retirement will come to us sooner than we expect it.
I came here to invest in myself after 29.5 years of investment into the USMC, and Im glad I did.
This is the best class I have ever been to.
I learned so much! A lot of the "dots were connected" for me with the explanations of business, marketing, logistics, franchising, interviewing, and proper planning for the future.
Thank you for hosting this week's seminar, which was fantastic! It opened my eyes and has me very excited about transition. Your personal stories and discussions were the highlight of the course.
Your efforts have and will continue to make a difference for those of us who have given our adult life to our country...and now find ourselves thrown into "1stCivDiv".
I've now been on this side of corporate America for just over two years and I can say without a doubt--your friendship, mentorship this course gave me the tools to be successful.
I took an interview the week after the seminar and used what I learned from you. I nailed it!
This week was very enlightening for me. I know what is ahead and how to conquer the dragons!
Entering business was scarier to me than flying combat. You took the scary out.
I have recently taken a job. Thanks to your advice in your class, I easily integrated into the Corporate World.
Before this class I was rudderless. Now I know where Im going and how to get there.
I wanted to thank you very much for all the outstanding information that was given in the classes this week.
We vets need to invest in ourselves to come to your seminar because we cannot learn to walk on water if we wont leave the comfort of our boats.

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Endorsed by Curators:
Business Career Transitioning Seminars for 2018

Business Career Transitioning Seminars for 2018

May 14 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Business Career Transitioning Seminars for 2018(Previously Titled "Business 101")This is a "MUST DO" course for Officers and senior NCOswho are transitioning into business careers.The Business Career…