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Brea RA 301 LA/Spring Marathon 14 miles

A Snail's Pace Running Academy-Brea/Yorba Linda
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Feb 24 6:30AM - 9:00AM

What we'll do
Everyone did a nice job on your 22 mile run last Saturday. I'm totally impressed at how good everyone looked at the end. I hope you got in a short walk for recovery yesterday. This week we are running 14 miles. Here is the course:
We'll go north on Brea Blvd. Right on Bastanchury, left on State College, Left on Elm, cross Brea Blvd and enter Arovista Park by the senior center. Cross the park and leave by the stairway on the other side of the baseball fields. Left on Jasmine, Right on Lime, left on Arovista, right on Eadington, left on Puente and right on Hermosa, crossing Harbor Blvd to Laguna Lake. This is about the 7 mile point. Continue on the trail on the left side of Laguna Lake, past the riding arena, right on Laguna Road, cross Euclid. Left on Euclid and right on the trail just past the church. Run over the hill and go right on Castlewood. Cross Gilbert and continue on the trail until it exits at Rosecrans. Left on Rosecrans, Right on Parks, right at the railroad track to Warburton left to Bastanchury. Cross Bastanchury, right then the first left on Valley View. Pick up the trail at the end of Valley View, cross Euclid, take the Hiltscher trail to the Juanita Cook trail and turn right back to the courthouse. Here is our schedule this week
Tuesday - 4 miles +20 min S&C
Wednesday - Off (6-8 advanced runners, marathon pace)
Thursday - 4+ 20 min S&C
Friday - Off
Saturday - 14
Sunday - 3 easy

Be sure and run easy on Tuesday to test how your legs are recovering from the long effort Saturday. If your legs are feeling strong, not heavy or stiff, then I recommend making your Thursday run a faster short run. The key from here to race day is to maintain the fitness you built and get to race day injury free. We'll keep some intensity in this week and the following week's long runs. That will help you feel like you aren't losing fitness during the taper. I have found over the years that the key to the tapering for race day is to keep some quality/semi hard runs in the mix, but reduce the mileage. It is a tough trick to cut back without feeling like you are losing the fitness you have worked so hard to attain. As you cut back, you may feel some residual aches and pains. That condition is related to "taper madness" You'll obsess over every little pain or sluggish run and magnify it in your mind. It will be very tempting to squeeze in one more long run, one more interval session or hill repeat workout. Don't give in to temptation. Don't worry, you're fit, ready to go 26 miles and won't fall apart before race day.
I look forward to seeing you Saturday morning.
Coach Bill

What to bring

Important to know

How to find us:At the upper parking lot near the trail.

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Cowbells & Snail Spirit Needed! LA Marathon Cheering/Aid Station at Mile 23!

Cowbells & Snail Spirit Needed! LA Marathon Cheering/Aid Station at Mile 23!

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