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Boxing Fundamentals 4 All, 4 Free

Heritage Boxing @the Park 4All
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Apr 14 8:15AM - 9:30AM

What we'll do
Boxing fundamentals! this includes learning how to throw a correct Jab, Straight, Hook, Uppercut while knowing how to properly stand in a balanced position. Breathing, footwork, weight transfer, defense, distance, speed, power etc. Correct FORM/TECHNIQUE is our focus here.

Can't emphasize enough how ANYONE can learn the fundamentals of boxing. Don't be intimidated, we're here to have some fun, throw some punches and make some cool looking videos for your instagram if you'd like. What to bring
Water, Handwraps, Boxing Gloves, Comfortable clothing Important to know

If you don't bring any wraps you can buy some from me for $8

I have only 5 pairs of boxing gloves that I can lend (free) They're first come first serve. feel free to message me if you have any questions /concerns/ideas

How to find us:Parking entrance is on Beverly (between Gardner st and Curson ave. Lots of parking, go past the basketball courts, down to the right you see a circular set of stairs. We'll be right there.

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