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Blockchain in Emerging Markets!

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Oct 12 5:30PM - 6:30PM

Did you know that the most disruptive applications of blockchain technology are coming from emerging markets? Blockchain is more than just financial technology, and innovators around the world are using poor infrastructure in their communities as an opportunity to disrupt traditional processes to transform political, social and economic realities.

Curious? Well, in this meet up, youll hear more about the amazing ways blockchain technology is empowering citizens, governments and economies in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East. Join us at our second meet up, in partnership with the Livelihood Project! The Livelihood Project is a local Toronto initiative that uses technology products to empower refugees from Afghanistan and Syria with diverse employment services.

There will be three activities during this meetup:

1) For the first time, Emerge ( will release Leap - the first publication to focus exclusively on blockchain initiatives in emerging markets. We conducted thorough research and gathered over 445 blockchain initiatives throughout the regions mentioned above in an engaging and digestible report;

2) We will be joined, via Google Hangouts, by Federico Ast, an Argentinian founder of Kleros and Crowdjury. Kleros ( is a decentralized autonomous organization that is disrupting the traditional legal system with a blockchain-powered tribunal system. Kleros uses game theory incentives, anonymous jurors and native tokens to create fast, accessible and transparent justice for anybody that uses their protocol.

3) Networking!

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